Brand New Single (High) Out 10th October 2016


Rina May is an upcoming songwriter who currently resigned from a school in South London as head of Year 10/11.

She told her students to work hard and follow their dreams.

After seeing her students through their last year of GCSE exams, she acted on her own advice.

It is inspiring to see an individual break out the very same system they have worked in for many years.

It reassurances young people to always pursue their true passions no matter how many people incline on surrendering to societies dictations.

High is the first single off of the new up and coming EP the ‘Rina May Project’ who is a UK Singer/Songwriter/Composer from east London.

Her first single (High) off her first ever EP, The Rina May Project is an uplifting ‘PopSoulElectrik’ track inspired by the finding her own high in music.

It’s due for release on 10th October 2016 and we at Worth of Mouth are excited to be in support of Rina’s journey.

Rina spoke to one of our team and told us that;

Working in education is such an inspiring experience and allows her to connect with young people in a way where she brings out the best in them.

In addition music is a wonderful art and is a universal language that connects people in so many different ways in so many different places, and can help any person out of the most challenging situation as well as having the ability to put you on a happy high without the need of drugs and alcohol substances which is the message of her single (High) hence the line taken from the song

“ Music in the adrenaline pumping through my veins.’’

Rina says:

“ I’d like to encourage each individual to find their own personal high through their own aspirations and goals away from the things that can have a negative impact on you and your life such as drugs, bad company etc.”

Rina is one of Worth of Mouth’s biggest supporters and we class her as part of the WOM family.

You can check out the ‘Rina May Project’ via the website or follow on twitter @rinamayproject.

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