Education and a diamond in the rough 

Diamond in the rough…

Life is disheartening at times

you know things get tough

But that’s when I’m regenerated by my families love

Primary school, I attended 4 and missed 6 months in year six

I had set backs, but you know when you’re a smart kid 

I knew my stuff, with attention paid, I picked it up

But in class, my excitement was just a bit too much 

Secondary school, this is where the foundations grew

Year 7, full of attitude and a point to prove

Year 8, settled and continued to disrupt miss

Year 9, the end of this year I upped it 

Year 10, focused, but I wasn’t perfect

Year 11, walked out with 10 GCSE’s.. Priceless.

I made it through, but education wasn’t finished 

I tried sixth form, my secondary school was linked with it 

History, Sport, English Lang, not lit

Scrapped that tho, my ucas points didn’t cut it 

College to do Sports and Exercise Science 

Went with my cousin, I had a small alliance 

I witnessed disappointment, so I went in and hard 

Ended up with 2 distinctions and one with a star 

2nd semester of uni and I’m feeling it 

Sport and Exercise Management teaching me bits 

I’ve been in lectures, seminars, library for 5 hour shifts

1st class for all modules. I set the target 

I pulled the arrow of education and I got the middle spot 

1st class grades for my 3 exams, says a lot

My work ethic and my belief to do well is what set me apart 

Believing and dreaming for better, that was the start

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