They told me that my words would have the power to cause entire universes to self-destruct. I smiled, and began to write.

You tell me you are cold hearted; what has made you this way? Was it this harsh world, or the mere figments of your explosive imagination?

At what age did you seemingly let go and allow this monster called depression, settle so deeply in your young heart?

The writer would tell you how he had allowed the depression to slowly kill him, yet you didn’t care.6193875042_55b0507bcc_b

How could your present self, explain that the pain only became unbearable to those who carried it? It was like death itself had forcefully entwined its pain to this soul, and how it had built a mansion within your sadness!

Somehow, you awaken.

Even when your demons are screaming ever so loudly.


That takes courage; I am proud of you.

You mentally prepare yourself to face it all again; this is the true uphill battle, the battle within oneself.

 You will win; you will win a thousand times.

tear_webFor a day will come when you will rise and look back upon the sadness, as though it was a mere tear within a wayfarers masterpiece.

You are not society’s pretty picture on a wall, you are everything and that has to be enough.

You will soon see galaxies grow within yourself and eventually you will come to the realisation that pleasing others means nothing, where as pleasing yourself can give you the power to bloom from the very cracks of a sidewalk.

flower struggles to survive

You are the diamond hiding within a world of counterfeits, so dear reader: do not be afraid to illuminate a dark night sky in fears that you are different.

Embrace who you are and then learn to never let go, in a world that changes so quickly ensure you never grow old.

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