America land of the free
America land of opportunity
But little do we know the foundation of this country is cracked
There are many problems that we don’t see as a fact
Slowly being separated by racial division
Whilst being run by a government known for its precision it’s like a vision
Vision of the past, back to the slave trade
Black lives don’t seem to matter feels like we’re living in the slave age
But great people faught so we could never reliive those times
But I feel that something is wrong and I have a voice so I’m going to use mine
Martin Luther King had a dream
Where it wasn’t one race that was supreme
Rosa parks stood up for justice and she stayed in her seat
Didn’t see why she had to move and she refused to move her feet
I see humans but no humanity
No love it’s just insanity
People are hurting ,people are crying you’re seeing the tears while people are dying
What has this world become
We used to stand as one
But now divided we fall
And the suffering hits us all
But let’s look to the future for better days to come
Pray that this pain becomes numb
Because soon this dark time will come to an end
And I pray that this world will finds its peace once again

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