‘Not3s’ (pronounced Notes), is a gifted 18 year old musician from Hackney, who through sheer effort along with support from those around, is a building name to become the greatest artist to ever come out of Hackney.


Having made his childhood dream a reality, he continues to grow as an artist… and having released his latest single ‘ Addison Lee'(which is rapidly blowing up as we speak), it’s only right that we take ride through his very own journey too.

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Motivated by wanting to fulfil dreams his mother was unable to act on, officially speaking he has only been doing music for 2 years; within that time he has already achieved what many artists of today are still struggling to.


His love for music has always been prevalent in his life.

microphone on stage

Prior to his fame, he wrote his first ever song in year 3/4 – so around only 8 years old!

‘It was a singing song about the children of Africa starving “we are the children of Naija, and it is food why we’re fighting” these are the only lines I remember’

-said the artist in our interview.

He also had been doing music videos which he uploaded to YouTube showcasing his talent around the age of 14. Evidently, his dedication to his craft transpired from a young age.


Achievement’s So Far:

There is far more to this artist than meets the eye, with a deeper meaning behind the songs that he makes.

Basing his song ‘bestfriend’ on a true story .


Along with ‘Bark off’ featuring the artist NinjCXCV-another one of his most famous songs being ‘Toju mi’ featuring the artist Dnote.

‘It was a warning for Artist in the music industry who didn’t give me a chance/listen.’

The artist told us in an interview ,’

“they don’t wanna see the ting bark off” I’m the ‘Ting’ I was talking about barking but I wanted there to be a conspiracy of people thinking I am talking about something else.

Other lyrics are explainable also but it better people think outside the box.

Not only is the talented artist critical in his execution of songs, he also experiments with different genres.

Attempting to build a whole new sound, he combines contemporary RnB with: afrobeats, rap, opera and pop music, as seen in the clip above!

Challenges And Obstacles

Things haven’t always been easy for Not3s however, he was ridiculed and dissuaded as a male singer; on top of this he got himself into situations he shouldn’t have been in outside the world of music.

Issues have also arisen from the fame itself.

However, he embraced his individuality and worked on himself.

‘I just thought let me do my thing properly because I’m the ting everyone shall know about one day.’

And his prophecy is being fulfilled. With over 1 Million views on his latest track ‘Addison Lee’.

The single also makes him the first ever musician to collaborate with Addison Lee and have a unique promo code.


Having worked with artists such as ; Mic-L(Mujo), T-mulla, Ninj, Kilo Keemzo, N2theA, DoccyDocs and a few others.

This artist is not to be slept on and we expect nothing but greatness to come of him! 

Here’s his note to any aspirers out there:

“It’s cliché but legit. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be what you dream of. Obviously if you ain’t and you cant get better then find a new field but there is always a way to get where you want. Make your idols your rivals and aspire to inspire before you expire.” – Not3s

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