She shouts, begs, cries out loud bleeding upon the floor.

He presses his blade into her, not knowing who it’s for.

She hides for security, out of fear; out of sight. Hears a sound in the night, her shadow quivers full of fright.

Why me, why now; sweat drops from her brow. No more, please sir. Her life sinks to new lows’.


He commands the stage with presence; with knowledge.

Thinking in his mind the next stage of oppression. They don’t know, they don’t see, what wouldn’t make them proud. Philosophy, psychology the dial points to him.


Tearing apart a woman’s soul, limb from precious limb.

Along comes a child mixed in colour, mixed in thoughts. He doesn’t care, doesn’t flinch when he cries from all the stings.


Shouting up towards the Gods, water runs away in floods. The child hides afraid of the dark, alas, the real tragedy is a man who is afraid of the light.


Blood drips down from the floor “Bang. Bang. Bang” sounds, they knock on the door. He came, he saw but couldn’t ever conquer.

4246151-shadowNo more fear, no more fright. No more crying in the night. No more blood on the floor, only justice; this is the law.


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