For all the people that are scared to be themselves–

When I say everyone is becoming everyone, I mean EVERYONE IS BECOMING EVERYONE.

A lot of people are so afraid to be themselves and because of this they forcefully try to fit in with everyone else but quick question, Who’s life are you gonna end up living? Yours or Theirs? At the end of the day, we all die and you let yourself live someone else’s life through the opinions that you’ve been given or judgment that you’ve received.

Hell, I get called weird all the time because I’m different.

I ain’t outchea worrying about highlighter and contour  (not judging anyone that does), cause I think outside the box and wanna have a deeper conversation rather than agreeing with everyone’s opinions and actions, cause I ain’t tryna have the same personality than every other female.

But I like me, and you should like you.

It might take you long to find yourself and it might cause you a lot of negativity in the process but positivity will always arise when you’re being you.

Girls you don’t have to cake yourselves up and have a big bum just to feel pretty and accepted by lots and guys you don’t have to be road and insensitive just to be accepted by the people around you.

Would you rather have a large friendship group whilst not being you or would you rather have a small friendship group that accepts you for who you are? I mean I’m not here judging anyone for what they do cause you do you but if you ever feel trapped in society just remember that it’s YOUR life.

It might take long but there will always be someone that loves you for you.

Problem is that people think too much alike instead of taking a step back and thinking for themselves and that’s why there isn’t much progression.

It’s nothing to do with you personally, it’s how people think and when you’re doing you it will open others’ eyes and that’s when change happens.

Don’t feel roped in with people cause no matter what you do, people ALWAYS got something to say so might aswell just be yourself right? Being different is what makes a person unique, Try to go into 2017 as yourself. Enjoy you and you will get far✨✨.

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Always do what you love. Never be scared to pursue a hidden talent.

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