Ever since I was younger I’ve always struggled with my confidence I was never able to see the beauty in myself frankly I hated myself a lot.

Photography by Bash Davidson [@bashdavidson]

I didn’t understand why I had bigger lips, breast and just why I was bigger then everyone else.

Two school girls (11-12) whispering and laughing at another girl (12-13), focus on front girl

Two school girls (11-12) whispering and laughing at another girl (12-13), focus on front girl

All the way right through secondary school I really struggled with this loss a lot of confidence in myself but I just kept trying to push on through it all.

It was hard I’d come home and cry some days I wouldn’t even eat just cause I wanted a perfect body to fit in with all the other girls at my school.


With time I just began to think and tell myself no matter how hard you  try to fix all these things more things will always come up.

At the end of the day you just need to realize no matter what you’ll never be PERFECT!  These people  can make you feel like  you’re not beautiful for being different you just need to find it within yourself that you are.

Just understand no matter how much they make you feel bad about being you they can never fix you unless you let them so forget pleasing them.


1. Finding yourself knowing you are who you are from within.

2. Being able to look at yourself and know you have some flaws but still accepting them.


3. Understanding we was all made different in our own way that’s why we are all unique and original ( there’s nobody like you trust me)

4. Don’t stand or trip over other peoples opinion about you it’s irrelevant to you remind yourself that.

Last thing  if you can’t love yourself, how the hell you are you going to love somebody else


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Photography by Bash Davidson [@bashdavidson]

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