I have solely owned an Instagram Comedy Page for three and a half years now which has grown to have over 18K followers. Through my journey I never thought I’d meet so many beautiful souls who would add value into my life, the way most have.

Listed below are seven useful tips on how I built up my page and how you can use it to build yours. Enjoy.


Be Consistent:

Sometimes posting three times a day isn’t enough. Now that Instagram refreshes every time you leave the app, the more you appear on their screen, the more you’ll be remembered.

Follow the active ones back:

In this way, you can DM to show that you appreciate their support and even start networking. People don’t care about how many people you follow.

Be quick:

As soon as you see a new trend and would like to speak on it or post funny content, do it as soon as possible or be prepared for someone else to first. People usually don’t appreciate what they’ve already seen.

Show your character:

Yes some people know who are behind the pages but very few know what inspired you and who you are as a person/people. Once people feel a sense of relation towards the owner/owners of the page, they share it with other people who may too.

Presentation isn’t everything:

Once you accept that the cause if greater, you’ll realise that followers care more about content than layout. This is in regards to banter pages and YouTubers – of course if you want to start a blog, this wouldn’t apply in all areas.


Confidence or no confidence, the most famous rappers like Jay Z and Tory Lanez have had mixtapes thrown in their faces, yet look at them now! Utilizing all opportunities for self-promotion is key. Any events, workshops or other pages where you can amplify yourself should be taken advantage of.

Be patient:

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Not many people are going to help you along the way so commend those who do. When you finally prosper always remember who didn’t kick the ladder down when they were at the top. Through this, your supporters may learn a thing or two and maybe become inspired.

Good luck to anyone reading this.


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