Wireless Festival is coming this summer and the line up is looking very exciting.

There are a whole heap of young upcoming UK musicians from various different genres.  One of the performers is a duo, who have come from the rough parts of a city which isn’t nationally known for breeding famous artists.

Nonetheless, they have prevailed and this is how two boys went from normal teens in Nottingham to rising stars.

Young T (Rashard Tucker) and Bugsey (Doyin Julius), are two gifted 19-year-old musicians who through perseverance and hard work, landed a major record deal from Sony, something that will surely change their lives for ever.

Having made their childhood dream a reality, Young T and Bugsey have emerged to become one of the new few upcoming rappers from the UK underground scene, with their breakout song Glistenin’.


Young T (Jamaican) and Bugsey (Nigerian), were both born in the UK but raised in the 5ive, Nottingham.

Exposed to the hard street life of Nottingham, Young T and Bugsey, decided at a very young age that they will become rappers, and they haven’t looked back since.

Inspired as children by the likes of 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Chris Brown, Jay-Z, and many more, these two stars, proved to be a ‘natural’ at their craft by showing glimpses of their talent even during their school days, freestyling and entertaining their friends during lunch breaks.


Producing their first song, Poppa Bear, in 2014, Young T and Bugsey also released many songs after in order to pursue their musical careers.

Among all their songs, the hit song, Glistenin’,  landed Young T and Bugsey a major record deal from Sony, which is rapidly blowing as we speak.

Still only teenagers that is an achievement they never knew would come to them so quickly when they first started. It shows the beauty of the future.

Your life can really change in a year.

Young T and Bugsey always believed they would amount to something in life, and this belief led them to participate in a youth and music project, which was set up by Prince Harry, in which they were able to gain publicity and consequently show their talents to the public.

‘More people seem to respect and look up to us now, even when we’re in London we still get recognised, the fame we’ve experienced has infact made us more determined to get bigger and more successful:

Challenges & Obstacles:

Building your dream is never an easy process, but building it at a young age where you still have other priorities such as education is ever harder.

In our interview with the duo, Young T stated:
I think the biggest challenge is time, not just in our music career but also in life, learning how to manage time better and work with time.
We’ve never ever felt like quitting because our job is something we Love, so quitting doesn’t even come to mind.

Raised by their mother’s, they always believed they ‘would amount to something in life’, something that their mothers constantly reminded them whilst growing up surrounded with the presence of gang culture in Nottingham.

 ‘Our biggest challenges in our personal lives are the same of most of the other kids from the same types of community we’re from, being poor, not having much opportunities and watching our mothers struggle to keep on top of all the bills, things like that was the hardest.’

Their mothers constant show of love and care for them, drove them to work harder,  in order to support such important people in their lives financially.

‘We always believed we would amount to something in life, never did we think we would end up as another statistic, we always knew we would become ‘somebodies’ one day.

Along with the fame and success come greater responsibilities and challenges.

The duo stated:

‘ Our mothers installed great morals into us, so it was more difficult for us to get lost in the street/road life that most other urban kids get trapped in, because our mothers had given us the tools to be able to say no or not to join into socially unaccepted behaviour’

Editors Thoughts:

When this article was being written, we wasn’t even aware that the duo had been booked to perform at Wireless – so it was such a beautiful surprise for the team to see such progress from hard work and belief. Compared to London, the 5ive may not have as many successful musicians, however Young T and Bugsey are living proof that you can get there no matter what.

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