When I was 8, I remember walking back from a trip next to my best friend at the time…let’s call her ‘Susan’.

I remember the day as if it was yesterday, with the sun shining, walking on Greyhound Lane, and this tall black lamppost was on Susan’s left-hand side.

As we were walking, I said to Susan, “Susan, why are we here?”.

She replied confusingly and said “what do you mean?”; she was perplexed as to why I was asking such a question.

I went on to elaborate and say “Why are we here? What is our purpose?

There are so many humans on this earth just going about their lives, but why is there such thing as “life”?”.

As any ‘normal’ child would do, she looked at me as if I were crazy!


I’ve always been curious as to what the meaning of ‘life’ is, why we are here, and what our purpose is.

From as young as 8, I wondered why there is this endless cycle of life and death and what’s the point of it all if we are all eventually going to experience eternal life at the end of it?
The way our global society is at the moment, and has been for quite sometime, one thing that dictates whatever life we live is our race.

Anthropologist Ashley Montagu argues that the reason we have so many conflicts in this world is due to the lack of true understanding of humankind.

We see different ethnicities as a problem, causing the opinions of nationalists such as Jared Taylor to form and rise and then inevitably bridge a gap of unity in our global society, contributing to the lack of understanding on the different cultures and races that lay within different parts of humanity.

This is due to seeing the colour of people’s skin as a flaw, rather than something that makes us all uniquely beautiful. I believe in order for us to all live a life that we truly want to live, we must understand each other, through liberating these differences and embracing what we have been blessed with, instead of creating an endless cycle of global suppression.

One thing that really irks me is that people are SO comfortable with oppression.

One thing I HATE is people that acknowledge there is a problem in society, but they say it’s inevitable.

For instance, people say racism is inevitable and it can’t be stopped, but with that mind-set, how can one ever expect there to be a chance of change?

I believe one’s thoughts can be manipulated by their surroundings, and if hate can cause such a strong domino effect, why can’t positivity?

I hate how society can dictate so much competition, oppression, slander and hatred and we preach this so much more than love! Why? WHY? Why is this the case? Who EVER gave a being the right to decide they are more superior than someone else? We have no right! We have no right to slander someone else!
We have no right to cause pain to someone else! Whatever the meaning of life may be, I wholeheartedly believe to cause pain towards someone else is not it. We may never know the meaning of life itself, but we can create our own definition.

Really think about this…you only get this life ONCE – how do you want to spend it? A life where you only know oppression? Or a life where you contributed to the movement of liberation?

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Hi everyone! I'm 18 and I am the head writer in the Social Issues section that aims to gather information on the global issues occurring all around us, and not only state them, but find solutions to them. I use platforms such as Worth Of Mouth as an outlet to educate others on the world around us. I live by three words: confidence, determination and faith.
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