Hi, I’m a feminist, NO I don’t hate men yet simultaneously I do.

I hate the concept of ‘men’,I hate the concept of ‘manhood’ .

But most of all, I detest men who think they are so special and almighty (cough, cough Lucas).

Their arrogance explodes and the proximity range stretches further than they would ever perceive. But they are too ignorant to even acknowledge the problems they cause to other females.

I guess you would be a genius, if you didn’t think with your penis

Mind Shift:

When a men transfers his uncleanliness onto a woman, not many people ever dares to think the man is to blame. Know why ? Because society and common sense are non-superimposable. People would rather follow a shared illusion than be an individual.

By Seyi | @shaysconcept

Shared illusions have infiltrated their way into our lives and have become our reality. Rape has atrociously become a culture.

It’s still frightening to see that many boys don’t even know the full definition of rape and sexual abuse in the eyes of the law. It still frightening to see in many countries, forced sex in a marriage is not consider as rape. Why would it?

‘She is his property right?’

“7 out of 10 rapes are committed by someone known to the victim”, yet statistics are not enough because here I am, still ranting, still fighting.

The Stigma Around Virginity :

As we oppose the views of society that have become the norm.

We still hear the screams of:

Virgins rule the world! Virgins are winning!

Why are women who are virgins still seen as a prize?

It seems that women lose their virginity to be coveted and the acceptance of a man’s penis instantaneously degrades the value of our being.

We rarely say men lose their virginity, we say men take ‘virginities’ like thieves.

We tell our daughters that their dignity or self-respect is directly proportional to the amount of men she sleeps with, in the mind of a young girl

This translates to:

“Hi, I’m a woman, my body is only meant for the sexual pleasure of men.”

She perceives her self as a sexual object, only worth what’s under her clothes. Without realizing it,we have created a generation of young girls with low self-worth.


I hate the conspiracy around it.
I hate the idea that a women is apparently purer when she doesn’t give into her natural sexual desires. The desires that were built into her being,into her mind.

Following these desires that were built into our DNA, somehow equates to a lack of self-respect.

These men beg for their sexual desires to be fulfilled.But God forbid a woman do the same thing.

Mixed Messages:

Being a woman in this day and age is so confusing, it’s like you have to compromise with yourself.

Compromise with your natural urges, compromise with your behavior, compromise with the way you dress.

Just so you can be accepted in society.

It makes my skin crawl knowing that I am expected to not do what I want so I can be:

Safe. So I can be someone’s wife one day.

We have unconsciously put men on a pedestal when in reality we are the stronger gender. We are the child bearers,we made this world.

I don’t know if I have too much hope in society, correct me if I’m wrong but I think if people knew that the use of the word ‘hoe’ breeds more harm than good, leading girls to depression, suicide.

If people would stop feeding the word with so much power it would eventually diminish from the surface of the Earth.

Our bodies are meant for so much more than sex. I am worth so much more than sex. We all have so much more to offer than just sex.

You can give anyone pleasure, but it takes a lot to really show someone your soul. So I guess you could say I am the defiance to the conventional,I’m fighting for the modern woman,And so should you!

The female body is one of natures purest forms of art and as a feminist and a woman to me a woman’s body is majestic,a woman’s body is powerful,a woman’s body is art and should never be seen as just an object to please a man or a woman.

To all the strong, intelligent and beautiful women who have been victims of rape
Remember that:
You are not a possession
You are not just a thing
Blood races through your body
Your heart
Your mind
Your soul
You are special
No one is like you.
You’re not just a victim,
You weren’t asking for it,
With your clothes or your flirting
You’re a strong woman.
Stronger than most
Because you’ve been through, what you’ve been through,
And you’re still here,
No matter how hard it is,
Grow flowers from the concrete of your scars.
Physical or emotional,
I know you can do it.

I’ll conclude with a few words from Alicia Keys:

I still believe in that dream that one day our nation is gonna rise up and finally be completely about the true meaning of this creed that all women and men are created equal.

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