You have to be comfortable in your own skin and love yourself, before anyone else.

People come and people go, life is what you make of it. So many people will be concerned about what you are doing, even though they claim they have nothing to do with you.

Essentially, you, as a person, know you are heading along the right path if you have so many people watching.

Surround yourself with people with the same vision and energy as you.


By Dhruv Gajjar | @dhruvgajjar_

Those people will push you in the right direction. This whole trend of having as many friends as you can, realistically will not get you anywhere. Smaller circle. Less hassle.

Expectations lead to disappointments and quite frankly, what YOU allow will continue.


Work in silence and let your grind show your success.

Not everyone is on the same path as you.

“Some people will come into your life to teach you a lesson; others stay for a blessing.”

If people want to walk out of your life, do not stop them. If people are destined to be in your life, they will always stay in your life – no matter what.

Do you and let the “haters” be your motivators to work harder.

You only have one life to live, so live it to the fullest and do not let anyone bring you down. I say this a lot, but I believe if you say things to a certain point you will start to believe it so, know your worth.

Remember that we all have the same 24 hours. Take away your bad habits, change what is happening with your life, if you are not happy with what is happening in your daily life. Change your game and step it up.

Do things you have never done before – when I say this I don’t mean be rebellious – do things that make you happy.

Love yourself; enjoy your life and do the things that make you happy. Life is too short for negative vibes. It is all about PVO (positive vibes only). Love, live and laugh.

Be comfortable in your own skin, no need to disrespect anyone anymore, no need to wish anything bad on anyone. Don’t downgrade your dream to match your reality.


Anything is possible, if you, yourself, make it happen! Upgrade your faith to match your destiny. Chase your dreams.

By Seyi Solaja | @shaysconcept

Everything happens for a reason. People change, so you change. Learn to let go. Things go wrong so you can appreciate them when they go right.

Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you.

Get rid of energy drainers. Surround yourself with people who have visions and goals for themselves so it can enable you to grow and blossom to your full potential.

Hasn’t anyone told you that “the world is your oyster”?

You should set goals, even if a goal is to be the same kind of person you are on the inside, as the outside.

Small aims lead to bigger and better achievements. Step by step you can get to where you want to be, but the only person who is stopping you is you.

When you reach a certain level, people will belittle your hustle or your dreams but realistically they are afraid of you surpassing them.

Above everything, know your worth. Know what makes you happy, know what makes you tick.

Just remember, don’t live your life sacrificing yourself for the benefit of others.

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Always do what you love. Never be scared to pursue a hidden talent.

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