Most nine-year olds only care about playing with their toys, however one girl named from Bria from Michigan is not your ordinary pre-teen.

Being a fan of Tesla Motor, the company responsible for revolutionising the electric car, she voiced to it’s CEO Elon Musk a possible marketing strategy. This would be for her school project, in the form of a letter which was tweeted to Musk by her father, Steven. In the letter, she eloquently deconstructs Tesla’s marketing issue and expresses her passion for Tesla Motor’s products.

Bria’s canny letter to CEO Elon Musk.

Since the company is traditionally adverse to marketing, Bria suggested that they should run a competition for fans to create homemade Tesla commercials and the winner will be rewarded by their commercial being aired.

Elon, an avid Twitter user, graciously accepted the idea.

He responded to Steven on Twitter, which is ironic considering his company’s lack of marketing, and  declared that Tesla Motor would do just that.

With such a creative and original idea, it’s no surprise that she wants to be a politician when she is older as well as make Tesla cars available in every US state.

Steven also happens to write for a living which is probably the reason Bria can single-handedly craft such an eloquent  letter.

It goes to show that age doesn’t determine your potential to manufacture and manifest great ideas which can change the word.

Let this story be inspiration to all the young people reading this hoping one day to leave their imprint on the world for the better.

Bria’s level of writing even shocked a few followers.

Micheal Kolawale

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Micheal Kolawale
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