Whilst most high school students spend their time hanging out at the mall, Benjamin Kapelushnik, known widely as ‘Benjamin Kickz’ is hooking up sports stars and entertainers like Odell Beckham Jr. and Diddy with the most rare, coveted sneakers.

Kickz’s personal sneaker collection consists of between 20 and 30 pairs and continues to grow. (Images from Complex)

He says that his first operation was as a pre-teen:

“…Then I camped out and got two pairs and sold one, because I got money for my birthday and for Hanukkah, but it started to run out. I thought to myself, ‘If I want to keep buying sneakers, I’m going to figure out a way to get the money.”

Part of his success and popularity can be attributed to his relationship with DJ Khaled, who bought a pair of sneakers from Benjamin; as he became a frequent guest at Khaled’s mansion.

Kickz has a large fan base with over 300K followers on Instagram.

This young mogul has turned the art of buying and reselling into a successful sneaker business which also sells to the public as well as top celebrities, saying to have already made $1 million in the process.

He sells rare sneakers on his website, ‘The Sneaker Don’.

Living such a demanding life has led him to keeping two phones to balance the grind with a normal life:

“…So, I got another phone, which I bring to school that has my friends and parents on it. Then, I have my phone for sneakers, celebrities, and business. When I leave school, then I get my other phone, so I kind of play them.”

Probably the most incredible of his achievements is the fact that he balances this life with school and wants to get a business degree later on in life.

He wants to pursue business on a larger scale and his current success is a great indicator for the future.

It’s not about your age, it’s about your drive !

To follow Benjamin on his sneaker journey check out:

his Instagram and Twitter accounts:@benjaminkickz and his sneaker business website: https://sneakerdon.com/

For more information go to : http://uk.complex.com/sneakers/2015/12/benjamin-kickz-teenage-sneaker-plug

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Micheal Kolawale
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