The 19-year old YouTuber from London (born Alpay Bugur) has origins going back to Germany, with that being his birthplace.

In his YouTube career his infamous ‘baiting out’ videos,  pranks and various other content has provided him over 5 million views, and doors for him to feature several prominent U.K. artists in his videos such as JME, Santan Dave, AJ Tracey and Lady Leshurr.

Humble Beginnings:

Alpay B’s journey has been nothing less than a roller-coaster. With crazy achievements and even crazier losses.

But this all started when he first took up YouTube as a 17-year old attending Winchmore Sixth Form, with his mother supporting his dream by buying his recording equipment.

He got to work in the face of multiple barriers after receiving a lot of exposure from social media pages such as ‘Imjustbait’, ‘Hackney’s Finest’ and ‘Abdi’s Tv’.

Alpay quickly rose to fame now he is taking a different path through vlogging his daily escapades and exploring much more of what life has to offer.

He felt this was the right decision, as he realised he became more appreciated by no longer trying to just get views, at the expense of high-quality content.

Trials & Tribulations:

Lacking the professionalism of many older, more experienced YouTubers, the German native initially had difficulties finding someone to record his videos.

He responded to this obstacle by using this to his advantage and networking with other prominent UK YouTubers, such as BarryBeeTV, forming a partnership and agreeing to record each other’s videos.

His biggest obstacle to date is said to have been losing his main YouTube channel, as a result of his ‘baiting out’ videos tarnishing his reputation.

This was a devastating blow to Alpay’s morale, leading him to consider quitting at one point.

Yet, once again, he didn’t allow this circumstance to stifle him; he started another main channel, reaching 10K subscribers within the first week.

This also made it easier to diverge his way into the vlogging sector, alongside his main channel; beginning with a few thousand subscribers, his channel has grown into something much more influential.

By thinking ahead and gaining followers on social media such as Instagram and Snapchat, he was able to regain what he had lost and build something with longevity, meaning and substance, taking a detour for a different route in his YouTube content.

Facing difficulties in his YouTube career forced Alpay to adapt and evolve his YouTube content for the better.

Achievements and Future Prospects:

First gaining recognition from his public videos in Stratford, East London, Alpay had garnered an astounding number of YouTube views.

However, his most successful video was his vlog at Notting Hill Carnival, with nearly half a million views, showing that him not conforming and staying in his own lane is what has made him truly successful as a YouTuber.

He remains persistent with the fluctuating views on his vlogs, making him stand out from most YouTubers who would grow frustrated and simply give up.

He has since achieved the milestones of having 30K subscribers on his vlog channel and reaching 5 million views on a Facebook video.

He has also been traveling to countries across South America to immerse himself in the culture, as well as impart his experiences to his subscribers around the world.

He wishes to visit other countries and show people that the world is bigger than your own environment, coming from a rough area in Edmonton, North London.

To top it all off, doing YouTube has enabled Alpay to connect and interact with other successful UK YouTubers such as VanBanter and Kenanomics.

However, he remains hungry for much more than his current success. He knows that the fame, money and success won’t bring him true happiness, but having people with positive energy around him will.

He continuously strives for bigger and better things and hopes to diversify his hustle onto the TV screen, as well as taking up acting. Alpay enjoys the independence he gains from being his own boss with his YouTube channel, also hopes to eventually start a business and build his own legacy.

Editors Thoughts:

His advice to aspiring YouTubers from his own experiences is to be unique and stay in your own lane to reach the best results. To follow Alpay on his global exploration

Micheal Kolawale

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Micheal Kolawale
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