As a teenage male, I’ve had a couple of failed ‘relationships’, like most have, and from all of them I have learnt valuable lessons as to why they didn’t work. So here is me giving the male perspective of teenage relationships.

There’s also a female perspective article on this very same topic so check that out for some varying opinions.

School & College:

Young people find themselves in a school environment most of the time , which isn’t conducive to a successful relationship in the 21st century (especially if your partner attends the same school as you).

The immaturity of most males caused matters to be mishandled and sometimes even taken as a joke.

This is due to the school environment being constructed for learning and not relationships, things like lessons and homework take priority, leaving little time for a meaningful relationship, which evidently leads to relationships built on weak foundations.

However, it could be argued that even when you become a full adult you will probably be occupied by new priorities such as : bills and workplace, however true this may be, a foundation has still been built. You have invested in yourself and are now more capable of handling these matters.

Same Book Different Page:

Another factor is being someone who goes against the expected macho bravado, actually caring about the person and talking to them about things deeper than the superficial.

This is because she may have become accustomed to relationships with people who only care about superficial matters, she is surprised when someone is actually the opposite and has genuine feelings for her.

She also fails to realise that she deserves better than her previous relationships and it has a negative effect on the relationship between the two of you.


The final universal reason seems to be just being blinded by external factors and rushing into a relationship which isn’t compatible, simply because you hadn’t yet developed the values and morals which you have today.

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As you mature, grow, and become wiser from your life experiences, it changes your outlook on relationships and who you deserve to be with. In your early youth, you’re more likely to be swayed by friends and other people, as you lack the mental strength to realise that a relationship shouldn’t be forced, it should feel natural and shouldn’t be dictated by any other feelings except your own true happiness.

In essence, failed teenage ‘relationships’ can be ascribed to the social pressures of our peers and our lack of wisdom.

From the male perspective, certain expectations have been formed and this has led to the destruction of what a true relationship means and should be.

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