A report by the Children’s Commissioner for England has revealed some startling statistics implicating children’s increasing vulnerability:

  • Approximately 670K children living in households with family members requiring drug or alcohol treatment.
  • 144K children are homeless or in unstable housing.
  • 46K young people aged 10-18 are gang members.
  • 1.2K young people are victims of modern slavery.

Organisations such as Mind give advice to those suffering from mental health issues.

The government is being scrutinised for their need to improve data collection of children statistics and the isssues occurring due to the difficulty of defining and identifying such young people requiring intervention.

Productive steps are, however, being taken as the launch of this report signifies the first stage of a programme being introduced to tackle children vulnerability.

This is a quote from the Telegraph which captures the essence of Worth of Mouth’s mantra:

The Minister for Children and Families, Robert Goodwill, said: “Every single child should have their voice heard and receive the care and support that they need to realise their potential.

Writer’s opinion:
Mental health within the youth community is an issue which shouldn’t be pushed under the rug; out of existence, but should be embraced as a hurdle to overcome to unite us under the common cause of becoming mentally stable and strong young people, fulfilling our potential in life.

Micheal Kolawale

Writer at Worth of Mouth
I write within the trending news and success stories department. In this role I aspire to highlight the achievements of our generation which tend to go unnoticed because of their seemingly small significance compared to news of our imcomptence and negativity. I hope to do so in a way which is pleasing to read and changes the way you think about approach the barriers you face in life.
Micheal Kolawale
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