You have now finished exams and you are probably wondering what to do with yourself as all your revision hours have now become free hours.

Summer is a warm season and it is derived from an Indo- European root stem, meaning “half year”.

You’ve probably been studying for a long period of time, it’s now summer and you just have to treat yourself . Give yourself some “ME” time.

Personally, I’ve gone through exams. I know what it feels like to be very overwhelmed . I found exams a challenge through continuously revising, exam after exam.

But its a life process and there is a time for everything. Now that summer is here, here are ways to ensure you make this the best summer ever!

1.Travel Everywhere!

Get out of your home time, fly around, travel to places you have never been before. Go and see numerous of your city’s local landmarks.

Go visit different parks, go for a walk, go through a maze! Even a museum!

Remember to make a schedule of all your special summer events so you wont forget which remarkable event is on each day.

Look for something spontaneous, which does last more than a couple of hours!

Go camping with your friends, outdoor space is always so refreshing. Also in this weather you have to go to the beach with your friends.

Wear your best swimsuits and even be prepared to play blackjack on the sand.

2. Learn Something Different

Join a sports club, get your fitness levels up. Try being healthy. This summer you should the word shouldn’t come out of your mouth.

Besides all the binge watching and endless procrastination, spend at least two weeks adding to your plate of skills to ensure you improve yourself

3. Results Day 

In 2016, from statistics the happiest students when receiving their grades where students in the South West with 82% happy vs 18% sad. On the other hand, Students in Yorkshire and the Humber were the most sad with 67% happy and 33% sad.

Results day will always bring slight anxieties you in the morning you wake up of it but you have to just believe in your self and the hard work that you have done and know that you are going to uni or that college of your choice.

Having faith is key, don’t let anything deter you or make you worried. What is most important is that you have tried your best and all you need to do now is focus on the future because the past has gone.

Results day is a day for rejoicing and celebration of all your hard work. On the other hand, if you do not think your grades are good enough on the day. Plan ahead and these are thing you can do:

  • Get an apprenticeship
  • Finding a stable job
  • Call universities to see if they can still give you an offer & check the UCAS system and go through clearing
  • Make sure you also do your research before applying to another course.

Overall, don’t let exams break you. They are a way of life, through primary, secondary, sixth form and uni, they do occur. Just make the most of them and be enlightened. You deserve to be joyful with your friends and family.

Now summer is here, enjoy yourself and maximise your time to the best of your ability.

Good luck!

Rachael Tinde

Writer at Worth of Mouth
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Rachael Tinde
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