We all long for nothing less than greatness in our lives. We hope for nothing but the best for ourselves. Success is many if not all our one of our end goals but what are we willing to give up and change in our lives to reach our end term goals?

We want to taste the fruits of our labour, but are we willing to go through the complications that come with growing it?

On the road to success, it is inevitable that we will face trials in abundance. In this article, the trial I will be discussing is sacrifice. 

The sacrifice of others is something that most of us will have to do in order to truly get to where we want to be. The harsh reality of it is that it could be the sacrifice of people you wouldn’t expect to have to let go of.

We grow up forming friendships with so many people usually based on how much fun we have with them, then as you grow, values such as trust, motivation, encouragement and empathy become so much more important.

This can then lead to you questioning whether or not these virtues are evident in the relationship you have with other people, or whether it was just merely based on having fun and feeling carefree.

There is no harm in having friendships that you just generally enjoy!

However,  you will reach or have reached  point in your life  where certain virtues in relationships, for your own sake, need to hold more importance.

Ask your self.

Do some of the relationships that you have contribute to your road to success, or distract you from it?

Sacrificing Others:

Sacrificing others is the harsh reality of your road to success.

However, the harshest thing of all is the sacrifice of ones self.  Old habits of meaningless naps and lounging on our phones longer than we need to will have to go! We need to start to spend our time a lot more wisely!

You don’t have to become anti-social and isolate yourself from the outside world, but just let self-discipline become a poignant personality trait of yours.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re content with how things are going in your life at the moment, then that’s great.

But that does not mean you should ever stop seeking to do more.

Pick up a new hobby, learn a new instrument, read a new book . Do something. That’s the point. That’s the simple message behind all this. Get up and do something.

Stop complaining , stop thinking of excuses, sacrifice of self is a phase in life that you have to pass in order to create a better you. 

Would you want to be complacent with the life you have now when you truly know your potential and capabilities to do so much better? Tell me, what are you waiting for? What’s holding you back? Is it the people around you? Is it yourself? Time waits for no one. The time for sacrifice is NOW.

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