Results day will always bring slight anxieties about your future. GCSE and A Level Results Day are one of the things that either give you a magnificent high or an extreme low.

The important thing is having faith, because what you put in, you get out.

You have put all your efforts into studying so do not let the past control the future.

If you do not think your grades are good enough on the day, plan ahead and consider these alternatives:

  • Get an apprenticeship
  • Find a stable job
  • Call universities to see if they can still give you an offer & check the UCAS system to go through clearing
  • Make sure you also do your research before applying to another course.
  • GCSE Students

In this article, I will go through each route providing credible websites for you to follow up on.


Being an apprentice means that you have a job which will gain you recognized qualifications and essential skills whilst you are working and earning a wage.

Sometimes people might look down on apprenticeship as it doesn’t take the formal route of going to university.

However, there are many highly regarded apprenticeship roles at top companies which are just as competitive (or in some cases even more competitive) than some university places.

There are also courses called a degree apprenticeship, which provide the best of both worlds at no expense.

Websites to help:

Finding a Stable Job

Working straight away instead of further or higher education may be ideal for you. Here are some websites to determine what kind of job is right for you.

The Clearing Process ( A Level Students)

All over the country, universities are currently focused on just attracting students to fill tens of thousands of available course spaces.

  • It is a way for universities to fill any spaces they have left for the new academic year.
  • It gives applicants who do not hold an offer another chance of finding a university place.

This whole article on the student room guides you through exactly how clearing works.

GCSE Students:

When getting your grades make sure you open your results in a place you feel comfortable. There is no need to be pressured to open it around friends if you do not want to.

If you put your all into all the studying, you will reap what you sow. Enjoy results day and do not let the stress and anxiety get the better of you.

If your results do not go to plan, there are colleges and BTEC qualifications you can apply to, if your grades did not get you in to sixth form. Most universities do still accept BTEC qualifications when applying to a course.

Overall, don’t let exams break you.

They do not determine who you are as a human being. Enjoy your summer and live your life to the fullest.


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