Having built a resumé of throwing successful events, such as boat parties in the heart of London on nights to remember, Chris Jelev is living proof that you can thrive in the events industry at a young age; as long as you build the right work ethic and take advantage of this dominating era of social media.

To delve into a day in the life of running Chris’ events business and see his advice for success in business and life, watch the mini-documentary below:


Micheal Kolawale

Writer at Worth of Mouth
I write within the trending news and success stories department. In this role I aspire to highlight the achievements of our generation which tend to go unnoticed because of their seemingly small significance compared to news of our imcomptence and negativity. I hope to do so in a way which is pleasing to read and changes the way you think about approach the barriers you face in life.
Micheal Kolawale
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