Infamously known on Twitter and Instagram for his oddly accurate impressions of gun sounds and his comedic skits, Michael Dapaah is an actor, presenter and comedian; his seemingly rapid rise to prominence is the result of consistently making his audience laugh, from when he first started, even up until today.

Comedic Beginnings 

Dapaah first began on Instagram with short skits and the mockumentary series S.W.I.L (Somewhere in London), which is centered around 4 people who lead separate lives with Big Shaq being one of the main characters.

Dapaah then took this character to Charlie Sloth’s Fire In the Booth, which is renowned for it’s showcasing of talent and memorable bars.

International Acclaim

Since then, Big Shaq has become a viral internet meme, reaching international fame as he appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show in the US alongside Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal.

The Battle of The Shaq’s was taken to the internet as they wrote diss tracks for each other.

Since then, Dapaah has released the studio version of his song Man’s Not Hot which has appearances from  Waka Flocka, Lil Yachty and DJ Khaled, describing Dapaah as a legend.

The offical video of ‘Mans Not Hot’ currently has over 45 million views !

At this point, you should look out for Dapaah as he is only going on an upwards path. Listen to the song and then listen to his explanation on Rap Genius:

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