Life is short. Yes I know. However, we make it shorter by wasting our precious time on irrelevant occurrences everyday.

People and situations that play no part nor add any value to our lives shouldn’t receive so much of our time. I know it may be difficult to let them go, but if we don’t take that step forward, they will constantly hold us back.


A lot of friends can be disguised as your enemies, a lot of people could talk to you on a daily basis and not have your interests at heart.

It’s not all about having many friends, it’s about having the right people around you, the people who will push you to be a better version of yourself.

It’s all about knowing who is 100% true to you all the time, as there are limited people who will genuinely have your back.

Don’t feel out of place if you only have three people who really hold you down. It varies from one person to another. Life is tough, no one ever said it was easy. Having the wrong people around you will only corrupt your character.

Source: The Guardian

Social Media

I’ve realised that some of us may spend hours of time watching others people’s lives on social media when we haven’t even got our own lives in order. Don’t get me wrong, I do it too. It’s a subconscious thing.

Social media has now become the “norm” in today’s society.

It may now be a habit, but the time spent on watching others can be spent on sorting your own life out and achieving your own goals. Small steps are better than no steps.

Switching your phone off, throwing it away or giving it to your parents, allows you to focus on YOU. 

Do you know how much time you could spend on your grind if you just cut the social media out and did your job?

Social media can be one of the most influential factors in our everyday life, but don’t be so engrossed in what’s happening around you, and lose sight of what’s in front of you.

Pointless Conversations and Negative Energy

First of all, some people are just not worth wasting your precious time over.

I want to emphasise this because I personally do end up giving time to people who don’t deserve it.

Time is precious, it doesn’t wait for anyone. Things go on but the world continues to spin. Always assess whether the conversations you tend to have with particular people, are beneficial or futile.

Yes, people do come in your life for a reason and some others for a season, but you have to pick your poison. There is a time for everything, just know what to do and when to do it.

Rachael Tinde

Writer at Worth of Mouth
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Rachael Tinde
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