So it’s coming to the end of the year, and people are thinking of their New Year’s Resolution once more. Goals and changes that will quite frankly, only last a couple weeks or months, before they give up just like every other year before.

What Is The Point?

Personally, in 2017 I’ve had losses and I’ve won a  lot too. However, the real question is what mark did I make this year?

What did you do this year to make a difference? How did you make this year any different than the last?

It’s those days where I sit down and think, why am I here? What is my purpose? Am I meant to work tirelessly,  just to end up dying, with no recollection of what I’ve achieved over my life span?

Why do people want to start these “New Year’s Resolution ” when you can start right now? Why wait until January to start a new habit, or do something differently when you can start right now?

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Is there ever really a ‘right time’?

Time is a social construct, time doesn’t wait for anybody.

The more time you’re thinking the more time you’re wasting.

It all starts with procrastination, then the negative thoughts.

There have been so many times I simply listen to the way people speak, the “I can’t”s, the “I won’t”s. Aren’t people aware of the ‘Law of Attraction’?

If you want to become someone, you prophesy it.

One thing I just ask of you is to develop yourself. Self growth will always be uncomfortable, to grow you have to do something outside your comfort zone. It’s not about the resolutions rubbish, it’s about your day to day living. Your daily development. Writing down 1 goal each day, and completing it holds a much better feeling when completed than two months down the line, you find that you can’t stick to that diet or start taking your craft more seriously.

Do what makes your happy, but don’t promise yourself things you have steps to plan in order to achieve. Small goals, daily, seem more credible and achievable. Don’t fool yourself. Feed your thoughts and you can conquer anything you want.

Rachael Tinde

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Rachael Tinde
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