Dante Robinson aka Blackscomedy, has quite the unique journey. He started off as a goalkeeper, and in the space of a year he has amassed a following of 75K subscribers on his YouTube channel, along with over 1 million views on his music videos. All at the age of 19.

By pursuing his ambitions strongly and not putting all his eggs in one basket, he has succeeded in his career.


Dante, of Jamaican heritage from North London, seemed to have a gift for creativity and entertainment from times in school; he was heavily involved in musical projects and a myriad of sports.

However, his interest in music manifested itself, in the small seed of a freestyle done at secondary school.


From his first song, ‘Born and Raised’ which has about 45K views to his latest song ‘Talk About 419’, which has over 1 million views, it’s safe to say that Robison has made great strides in his career on YouTube.

‘Talk About 419’ was the remix to the original ‘419’ song, which received criticism for the topic of fraud. However, Dante argued that his music talks about everyday issues that people can relate to directly and indirectly.

The remix was remade 9 times just to get the sound right and take advantage of the unique ‘oriental’ beat they had found by chance on YouTube .

With all these difficulties, the video was released in November 2017 and reached 1 million views a month later.

Alongside this, he has been able to take it a step further by performing at shows, which gave him an ‘overwhelming feeling’ , and encouraging people to beat cancer through his videos.

Robinson says it feels good to contribute to people’s lives by bringing enjoyment to young people, who may be going through tumultuous times.


Contrary to most people’s beliefs, Robinson did not have social media until the age of about 16/17. So he wasn’t as aware to the power of social media until a later age compared to others in this generation.

Also, at the age of 18, he made the decision to live by himself, which inevitably put him in difficult predicaments. But it also taught him to adapt to the changes that life throws at you and to focus on yourself.

He describes overcoming these obstacles to the

‘positive vibes I have from people around me’.

Future Prospects:

His life has changed significantly, to getting stopped in the streets and meeting many of his supporters; but in the midst of everything, Robison’s aim is to be happy through making others happy, and his future seems bright with new music on the way and more success for 2018.

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