Kiera is a talented 19-year-old from Croydon, of Jamaican and Irish descent who presents for Milkshake, a children’s television programme on Channel 5.

With hard work and dedication she has managed to combine her singing, acting and dancing skills to interact with kids all over the UK. She also works behind the camera doing production and making sure sound effects come on at the right time.

Unlike most young people her age, who desire to grow up fast and become independent, she loves the fact that her job allows her to bring out her ‘inner child-like’ self.

Starting Up

With the guidance of her mother, Kiera began to do radio as extra curricular and was a part of the BRIT School Radio Station. At the age of 15, her radio teacher allowed her to produce a radio station called Word 4 Word. Through radio, her passion for the media grew.

Kiera had initially applied to go to university to study Performing Arts and Media. However, an opportunity to audition for the role of a Milkshake Presenter came her way and as we now know, she was accepted and has become an official TV presenter.



Challenges and Obstacles

When she first started her career, being the youngest presenter there was challenging for her, as she was always comparing her skills to the more experienced presenters. She would put herself down for not picking things up as quickly as everyone else. Till this day she still deals with this, but Kiera has gained the support from her colleagues who reassure her from all the pressure. She is able to add value even beyond the presenting role, by adding to Milkshake’s ideas and creativity which separates her from the crowd.

Despite her short time in the media industry, she is aware of issues women have to face such as competition rates in comparison to men. She believes that women have to put in more effort into the way they look and have a way of presenting that’s different to anyone else’s.


Future prospects

Kiera’s biggest aim is to have her own inclusive media and performing arts company. Most importantly she wants to get to the end of her life and say she’s been the best person that she could be and have inspired people along the way.

In the future, Kiera hopes to be more than just a children’s presenter and branch off to the music industry, were one day she would host an awards show and have the honour to give one of her friends an award.


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