After watching “Will Britain Ever Have A Black Prime Minister” on the BBC, and hearing all of those  extraordinary statistics about institutional racism, it is hard to be living as a black or minority ethnic group (BME).

Going through school I would always feel as if my grades were limited. I would always aim high and the sky would not even be my limit. ‘4% of black students will achieve AAA and 10% of white people will achieve the same grades. On the other hand, 28% of those who attend private or boarding schools like Eaton or Harrow, will achieve those three A’s to attend their desired university’.

Image via BBC

The programme said that. Black people are significantly less likely to gain the top two grades, less likely to gain places at the top universities, due to the stereotypes or the negative connotations of their colour. The rate of which black students are accepted into Oxbridge, is considerably lower to their white counterparts of the same calibre. Research shows that black students were less likely to be offered places at top universities than white students who have the same predicted grades – that’s according to Dr Vikki Boliver at Durham University.

45% of black children are growing up in poverty, compared to the 25% of white children. This also has an impact on the development of children, when they start school. The vocabulary of the poorest children lags behind more than of a year compared to those who are wealthy.

It’s time for change.  Some people I see just put so many limits on our culture. Get used to the term black excellence because I really believe the colour black is the most powerful. Coming together we are capable of doing anything we put ourselves to. We will rise together, to be great, to be bold and to be enlightened.

We are the generation that will change the world. Just as Stormzy said ‘when Daniel Kaluuya won a BAFTA I could have cried’. He himself then went on to win two BRIT Awards, and absolutely annihilate the British grime scene, with his performance incorporating both gospel and politics. He shocked them all. You see that? That is the kind of shock people will be getting from the rise of our excellence.

Naomi Campbell and Skepta being on the cover of GQ Magazine inspired countless young black kids. Moreover, Black Panther. Wow, seeing people like me in a superhero movie is just so humbling, and it shows young people that it is possible to be successful even when you are black.  

Skepta and Naomi Campbell – Image via GQ

Believe in yourself, believe in your colour. You are black and you are beautiful. Don’t let anyone oppress you or marginalise you because of it. You know who you are, chase your dreams and continue to inspire and succeed. Nobody else can be you.

Whether you like it or not, you are going to have to get used to it. Black Excellence – what a lovely phrase.

I am black, and I am British; it is time for change.

Rachael Tinde

Writer at Worth of Mouth
Hello everyone. We got to inspire a nation!Love what you do and pursue your dream because someone someday would want to be like you!
Rachael Tinde
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