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Exams, summer, birthdays, jobs, results day. These are all things which are running around our minds right now. It’s March, and now it’s make or break time.

I’m one of those people that love to help others achieve, so here’s a little guide to get you back on track for forthcoming exams in May/June.

So you want to go to that uni, you want to go to that sixth form? But do you believe you can, do you believe that you can achieve those grades?  Eric Thomas said – “a lot of people want to do well, but the minority of people want to put in the work in order for them to do well.”

Think about it this way, it is all about attitude. When you sit down, take breaks after 20-30 mins. Work in sections, the most important thing is you being able to work smart and not hard. Working hard means you are just wasting endless amounts of time, sitting at the table, but no information is necessarily entering your brain.

It is simply about the work ethic that you have, and your mindset. If you believe you can achieve something, you will be able to achieve it. It all starts from within. Stay away from negative people and self doubt.


We are fortunate to have a free education currently, take advantage of the opportunities given to you. Don’t always complain, because other people are not as fortunate as you. It may be hard, but only 5% of people will truly understand that anything worth while, does not come easy. You have to work for it.

Don’t let the fire burn out, remind yourself of the end result, and why you are doing it. 

You need to know that it is you that is stopping you from being who you want to be. Teachers or students can say you won’t get a specific grade. However, it is you who has to prove them wrong.

Education will take you through the course of your life but the other important thing (for sixth form and university students) is to gain experience. Go on different course-related workshops for example, or even build your extra curricular list. 

You can do it, it all starts with you. Believe in yourself. You’re here to win, don’t ever give up.

Rachael Tinde

Writer at Worth of Mouth
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Rachael Tinde
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