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Baran Korkmaz is a young inventor whose drive and strong mindset has enabled him to develop the augmented reality app, iMAREC – while also winning awards at the British Invention Show.

With his doer mindset, Baran sacrificed his summer holidays and invented the revolutionary app, iMAREC which aims to enable a person to find their quickest exit in a life-threatening situation.

The self taught coder, insists that the video-sharing app, Youtube and online communities empowered him to realise that coding was his purpose. Baran began creating this app after the Grenfell Tower tragedy, after being struck with the fact that he could create something that could potentially save lives.

Baran, like any other inventor, has faced some challenges along the way. He says he did struggle with creating a cost-effective and practical app but overcame these problems through the great tool, the internet. Baran asked questions, read, took notes until he eventually could build iMAREC.

Baran has made a name for himself in the technology sector and his family are extremely proud of his achievements although they were not always on board with him coding, especially throughout the summer holidays. This coder prides himself on not being swayed by others opinions and always follows his heart.

He states that his parents are not into technology however, at a young age Baran always reached out to fellow tech enthusiasts and would take notes. Nevertheless, some online experts would not always respond to his messages but he was persistent and still is today, for he says: Your network is your net worth!

Baran states that he always wanted to create a product useful to people, so when the Grenfell Tower tragedy occurred he was inspired to do something that could change the world. This entrepreneur was first motivated to code when he noticed that the future of technology was heading towards coding and he knew he wanted to be at the forefront of it! The innovators of technology – Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos –  sparked his imagination to create something that could revolutionise the technology industry, iMAREC.

In the next five years, Baran plans to be leading his own startup company and launch his products with a loyal team behind him. His main goal is to create a new value to customers and make a huge dent in the universe.

This developer has managed to collaborate with with other inventors and companies, and has overall learnt that it is impossible to do it all on your own!  Baran does put pressure on himself but reminds himself that he did get started by pushing himself everyday and taking no holidays.

With his life-changing app, Baran has had many opportunities, such as, travelling to Manchester to film with BBC Studios, having potential investors interested in iMAREC and having a mentor from the startup, Pointr.

Baran expresses that his purpose is to create any product or service that brings value to its users – value that is new. He mentions that he wants to dive into other sectors taking a break from health and safety; sectors that he is interested in are Blockchain technology and expresses that the cryptocurrencies market has a lot of room to grow and innovate.

This tech enthusiast has overcome many problems while making the innovative app: iMAREC but continues to push past all of the challenges. He mentions that when one problem is solved, bigger problems will face you. Baran declares it is part of the whole process of being becoming an entrepreneur and one has to enjoy the rigorous process!

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