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Not many young people in London can say they have been featured on Britains Got Talent and Vogue Magazine all at the age of 16.

However, these are just a few of the massive achievements by rising star Lauren Halil.

From just the age of 3, Lauren began her journey as a dancer and continues to demonstrate her talent to the world today.

Whether or not she consciously knew at the time, thanks to her mother’s and sister’s influence to take part in ballet at her local dance school, she is now building a career by doing what she loves.

Unlike expectations, her passion for dancing wasn’t instant but rather grew on her as she followed her older sister to hip hop classes since she was  8 years old, where she then decided to branch out into different styles of dance.

Starting Up & Britain’s Got Talent:

In 2013, Lauren auditioned on Britain’s Got Talent as a dance group called IMD (Intelligent Minds Dance).

She was also given the chance to audition last-minute as a duo with her dance partner Terrell. IMD unfortunately didn’t get through but to her surprise, the odds were in her favour and she continued to the next stage with Terrell.

They managed to reach the semi finals but got knocked out after that (watch their amazing performance below which has over 16 million views!)


Lauren (left) and Terell (right) at Britain’s Got Talent 2014 

The following year she auditioned again with IMD. The dance group had started as an after school club in an all boy’s school with Lauren being the only girl.

There were now over 50 members compared to 12 the year before. This time round they got through to the semi finals but didn’t manage to make it to the finals.

Lauren (left) and Terell (right) at Britain’s Got Talent 2014

Achievements and Advice:

From taking part in the FA Cup’s advert for women’s football to being the youngest female featured in vogue, Lauren Halil is striving for greatness.

Nevertheless, no matter what she does she will always feel that there is more she can do to be better. She never thought she would be on a magazine for dancing, let alone vogue so she doesn’t know what to expect for the future.

For such a young age, Lauren has performed in West End musicals such as ‘Matilda‘ and ‘Charlie the Chocolate Factory’ and danced in Buckingham Palace for the Queen. She is humbled by the people she has been surrounded with and proud of what she’s so far achieved.

Lauren gets inspiration from different people. She doesn’t always get inspired by people who dance. She says

“Not only are dancers going to inspire dancers. Every path crosses over so don’t be rude to anyone on your way up.”


Challenges and Obstacles:

After Britain’s Got Talent, Lauren gained a huge following and up to 15 million views on YouTube from her time at the show. She received a lot of support from children in particular but this came with hate as well.

Lauren became a target of bullying because of the bodysuit she had worn during one of her performances. However this was something she had become used to after previously being on Got To Dance.

It no longer affects her as she has learnt to ignore what people have to say on social media after she posts.

She also went through a phase where she didn’t want to go anywhere by herself after gaining a stalker. This caused her fear every time she changed as she thought someone was always watching her. It took her a while until she overcame this after finding out who it was.

She does admit that there have been difficult times but she’s never thought of wanting to quit. She believes that sometimes you need to take a break to truly know why you want to do what you love.

Last year she had to compensate her summer holidays to spend every day, even weekends from 10am till 10pm rehearsing for the World Championships in America where her group represented Great Britain and England. She’s had to put in a lot of hard work and dedication in order to be where she is now, something that hasn’t come easy.


To those trying to pursue their dreams, she advises being clear on what and why you are doing things.

  • Don’t chase something just because you feel it’s the right thing to do.
  • Make strategic moves but don’t expect everything to be one straight road.
  • The way you succeed is by overcoming the obstacles in your way, instead of allowing them to block you from getting what you want.
  • Don’t let anyone tell you that you are never going to make it because it’s always down to you and lengths you’re willing to go to, to achieve your goals.

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