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The Royal wedding 19th of May, 2018.

A day of social mixing, cultural diversity and a mixture of identities.

When I first heard Ms Megan Markle and Prince Harry were engaged I was so content with the fact, that there is going to be a cultural diffusion in The Royal Family. It is enlightening that there is cultural diversity being encouraged in the Royal Family. Even watching the Wedding on television and seeing so many minority ethnic groups, warms my heart.

There are numerous amounts of celebrities which have been invited.  Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney and Serena Williams, they are also among the 600 invited guests alongside senior members of the Royal family. Another 2,640 members of the public are now watching the ceremony outside of Windsor Castle.

Megan  will be followed by her six bridesmaids and four pageboys including Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Ms Markle will then be accompanied by Charles through half way down the isle, which begins in the middle of the chapel.

Huge crowds have gathered in Windsor,

The Brides Mother is one of which is so amazing to see. Her only child is marrying into the Royal Family. What a blessing to see your child being the best person she can be. What a blessing seeing your child being watched all over the world and being positively admired.

The Programme

11:00 – Guests and member of The Royal Family started to arrive

11:53 – Prince Charles and Princess Camilla

11:58 – bridesmaids, flower girls and page boys walk into the castle

11:59 – Ms Markle arrives with the congregation

12:00 Here comes the bride.

Prince Harry, becoming The Prince of Wales and Ms Markle becoming one, in St Georges Chapel. Two worlds becoming one, two cultures becoming one. Love is a beautiful thing, culture should not merely just be capped at one cultural identity. Fusing of cultures represents new history today in British Society. The Black Choir and Gabriel Faure on the chello for example, the first at a Royal Wedding. I was so touched watching this, it is amazing to see culture of different ethnic groups in the Royal Family. Which ten years ago would not even have been seen to be the norm. It is such a blessing  and an inspiration, living to see this.

Remember to love eachother.

Love is the only way, there is power in love.

Love is a beautiful thing.

Rachael Tinde

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