18 Do's On How To Be The Best You
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1. Have Faith And Take Control
Whether or not you have a faith. You should believe that you can do something, whatever you put your mind to. You may not understand what is going on now but your joy will be revealed to you later. Have faith so you can take control of the situation and overcome it. 
2. Know Who You Are
What are your likes and dislikes? Do you know yourself? As my brother would say ‘date yourself first. You can’t really complete someone else if you are incomplete’ – Daniel Agboola. When you understand your purpose and your calling, days will become clearer to you. It does not just happen a week or a month, it takes time. Everything takes time. Trust the process.
3.  Sit With Winners Sweetie!
Your circle is the most important thing. Those people around you are the ones who will lift you up so you can flourish or make you worse off. Identify those people who are for you and actually applaud with you when you win. So many people don’t want to see you win more than them.
4.  You See You’re Shining Right?
Honestly, do you know your worth? Do you know how amazing you are and how bright your future is? There is so much going for you. You have the ability to be anyone you dream to be. The power is in your hands. Know your strength and remember to set goals so you achieve the best.5.  Take Care Of Yourself.
You are important: your health, your wealth, your happiness and your routines. You are too blessed to be stressed. It may be hard to accept but we have to try and focus on the good, not so much on the bad. Go to the gym, eat your fruit and veg, and drink a lot of water it does wonders honestly.6. The Struggle Is Good For You.
What you are going through now is nothing compared to the joy that is yet to come. We focus on the bad sometimes, but little do we know that builds us up for the future.  We have to go through the struggle to experience success. That is the reality of how life is.


7.  Be Creative. 
With all you do, be creative. Let your inner you out and don’t ever be scared of your creativity.


8. Damaged Goods?
We all have areas we need to work on, whether it be: temper, anxiety, unforgiveness or depression. I personally ask God to use these damaged areas that I may have, in order for me to touch other people’s lives. We all have insecurities, it is just about accepting them and understanding how we can use them.


9. Be A Master Of Execution.
Don’t talk, just do what you have to do. Make a to-do list, make sure it is reachable and be able to hit those targets. Less is more, don’t over do it.


10. You Reap What You Sow.
Every little bit of time you put into doing a task you will reap the reward. Whether it’s waking up one hour earlier to do revision, or helping someone continuously.


Galations 6:9 NIV – Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.


11. Make Something Out Of Nothing.
There may come a time when you think there is nothing that you can do about different situations, but you just have to rise above the challenges and be bold, regardless of how you feel.


12. Mentors/Networking Is Key.
This networking game is no joke. Left and right there could be people who you need help from right under your nose and they may even be your friends. Networking is so essential because it allows you to unlock doors that you yourself may never have been able to open.


13. What Is Your Why?
When you know why you want to do something you won’t ever stop. Your ‘why’ should encourage you to be the peak of your range and get to the highest spot. It should be your drive and your motivation.


14. Get Yourself A Journal!
Having the ability to write something down is so useful because it kind of pushes you to want to get a particular task done. Get a journal it will do you justice and help you throughout the course of your life.


15. Educate Others.
We are the next generation that will spark another young person’s heart to spark another. Educate the youth!


16. Start Your Day Right!
Remember to just get up straight away when your alarm goes off. I know it may be hard to after the lack of sleep you may have gotten the night before, but it helps with your productivity. Even if you have to, put your phone on the other side of the room so you are able to get up out of bed to turn your alarm off.
Do some meditation in the morning, listen to some calm music and do your early morning affirmations to get you through each day.


17. Have A Good Time.
Remember in all you do, enjoy yourself. Life is too short to be stressed and upset. Live life to the fullest and make everyday count.


18. Do It For The Gang!
Big up all the people around you, constantly supporting you and helping you get through the hard times. Always show them love. They are the best.

Continue to spread love sweetheart. You’re doing good, I see you shining!

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