Rapman's Shiro's Story - Reaching a Million Views
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Rapman’s first ‘Shiro’s Story’ was released on April 8th 2018 and it was hardly advertised. After a while it became more popular due to the storyline being so gripping, and having such a dramatic plot twist. As a result of high demand and people yearning to see more, Rapman released ‘Shiro’s Story 2’ on July the 1st, which got 1 million views in just 28 hours.

For example, Rapman has consistently been putting out youtube videos on his raps, i.e Blue Story. This is a testimonial for me, because it just shows how consistency and commitment, can benefit larger groups of people. A small group of people seeing your work becomes a larger group of people, this is seen in Rapman’s dedication to his craft. He rightly deserves his 1 million views, because that is a reward for his good work. Quite frankly, to get what you want, you have to go out and get it.

It is one thing to have a talent but it is another thing to execute it and inspire a generation. Rapman has decided to make a part 3, which even I am so excited for. It just shows how great this man is, so much talent in 14 minutes worth of a video, which has attracted so many people, to want more of his work.

When you are good at something and you put it out there, it attracts viewers, the right audience to support you. Of course, people will still hate on you regardless of what you do, but all in all your consistency means a lot. The more consistent you are, the more people will actually believe that you are serious about your talents and actually decide to pay attention to your work.

The lesson to learn here, is believing in yourself long enough to remain consistent will pay dividends, otherwise you will just stay in the same place and not move any further down the track.

Rachael Tinde

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Rachael Tinde
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