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Summer is a season most of us look forward to. Long before it arrives we talk about it endlessly, planning ahead all the things we intend to do in order to make the most out of it. However, does it always end up panning out the way we expected it to?

Here are 5 ways to ensure that your summer is productive:


1. Do Something You’ve Been Putting Off

We all have at least one thing we’ve managed to still not do till this day. Whether it is something as small as reading that book or backing up your phone, NOW is the time to get that done. We seem to always find an excuse to give more importance to something else first, then we stay stuck in a loop of continuously prioritising everything, but that one thing we should do. For instance, writing this was something I was putting off, but hopefully you will have something to read by the end of this.

2. Get Job Ready

Summer is the perfect time to invest in yourself. Think about it. You have a month or so to earn some extra cash without the stress of trying to balance your academic demands at the same time. Who knows when that money can come in handy.

For those who may not be working right now, there are several different ways to prepare yourself for when you do: volunteering, work experience, internships, summer schools, you name it. Not only will you gain valuable experience, but jobs love to see these on your résumé.

3. Read

It only takes the right book to spark a love for reading. It doesn’t matter what kind of book it is, all that matters is that you like it. Remember that every time you read, you’re picking up new information that could come to use when least expected.

Reading doesn’t even have to be a big part of your day. Just 15-20 mins on your daily commute, or just before you go to bed is more than enough.


4. Socialise & Network

It’s always important to surround yourself with people that add value into your life. Don’t be afraid to make some changes.  Reach out to people you wouldn’t normally talk to. What’s there to lose?

To make it easier for you, Worth of Mouth are hosting their very own networking event so you can have the chance to build and grow your connections. More information regarding the event will be made available soon.


5. Re-evaluate Your Goals

We are more than halfway into the year, but have you made any progress? Check your goals. Adjust them if need be. But don’t forget about them. Think back to why you set them in the first place and remind yourself constantly  for the reasons why you want to achieve your goals. Don’t worry about how long it will take, just know that one day you will get there.





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