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A poem:

I am a feminist because I am a person that can recognise that
Rape culture has been normalised
And some people are far from surprised
That one in five are domestically abused in their life time
These are real lives
Girls in this world are being forced to marry at the age of 12
And some girls find it hard to accept themselves
Because they are told by the media
That they are not beautiful
Because they are not as slim
Or because they don’t have sun kissed skin
Like these photoshopped models do
We forget that beauty is from within
And instead let those thoughts in
Of what we feel like we should really be like
But makeup companies like to play with our insecurities
To make me feel like I have no authority but to oblige
To the norm that women have to look perfect
Otherwise, we are told we are not worth it
Because our job is to be seen and not heard
Too many times I’ve been told that my appearance comes first
And my knowledge comes second
That a man is supposed to provide money in my purse
And that I should not aspire to be a doctor, only a nurse
Because if I was to do the inverse
My ability to be a good mother would be perverse
Oh it’s hurts
That as a woman I am told to compromise
Between a family and career
Then told constantly to fear
That if I’m not married and have kids by the age 30 that
It’s severe
Can you see the issue here?

I treat my body as a temple
So you attempting to touch me inappropriately non-accidental
Is profoundly perverted and detrimental to my mental health
Did you think you were invited to touch me like I’m yours
And even if I gave you permission you would treat me like a whore
Oh I’m so bored
With how men treat women who are not virgins as impure
When the very act of sex
Is how every man on earth was ever born
Like why is talking about the menstrual cycle not seen as extraordinary
And blood passing from a vagina is not recognised as ordinary
Like why do you cringe at that
I’m curious
And not to forget that I’m furious
That women still do not get equal pay.
Like we even have Theresa May
As prime minister and still
Women are treated as inferior
Because women are unrepresented in society
As there are less that 200 women are MPs
When there are 650 seats
It’s sickening to me
That In China, it was acceptable to leave a baby girl on top of a mountain
Because boys were more desirable.
I desire, no I acquire that
men and women are given equal opportunities to aspire to roles that inspire them
And I admire anyone who is strong enough to call themselves a feminist too
Because we are all equal and women should not be placed immediately at the back of the queue.

Yasmin Mills

Author at Worth of Mouth
Hiya everyone. So in every piece I write, I write it with passion and hopefully as a reader you will feel this and it encourages you to then explore your own aspirations and desires.
Yasmin Mills
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