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Even though exam season can be stressful and daunting, all hope should not be lost. The key to not feeling overwhelmed and stressed during exam season is through effective organisation skills.

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From personal & general experiences. Here are some tips you may consider to help you stay calm & get the most out of your revision!

Tip 1: Gather all the relevant information and details prior to exams – dates, times and location.

Why is this important? Gathering the relevant details and information for your exams enables you to prepare beforehand. Meaning, during the day of your exam. You are less likely to be stressed.

Good ways to achieve this is to literally post sticky notes on your wall, set reminders on your phone, revise with charts and diagrams, have a journal, and ask your teachers/lecturers – for as much help as possible

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Tip 2: Know which syllabus/module/exam board paper you are sitting to fully revise and study the content to become confident.

Knowing what exam paper and level you are sitting will enable you to focus solely on practice questions allowing you to be familiar and confident you have revised the RIGHT content prior to the real exam.

Nothing is more painful as revising the wrong exam paper or content and panicking halfway. Therefore, this is very important to know things such as; question styles, topics covered, how many marks you will be graded for each question or paper.

Tip 3: Timekeeping skills – prioritise your time

Setting out a timetable to schedule a time to study and revise will enable you to be ahead of the game. The hours you dedicate, however, must be effective. For example, during the week set out how many times a day and how many hours you will dedicate.

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Also, prioritising your revision and study time properly is key.

This means 100% committing to revising; placing your phone on silent for a while or switching your phone off, studying in your room which can lead to always taking breaks or naps, or anything that could potentially distract you during revision.

Alternatively, if your study requires accessories such as laptops, phones to listen to music and other gadgets be sure to have a lock mode on apps temporarily to enable you to focus.

On the other hand, studying and revising with your friends or people taking the same exams as you could be beneficial. Go to the library, study zone centres with study groups. Teamwork makes the dream work. Enabling you to stay focused, motivated and engaged productively if you struggle to on your own.

Tip 4: Take care of yourself. Health is your wealth.

How will you be able to study well, to focus and stay motivated if you do not look after yourself physically and mentally? Yes, work hard, but not too hard. Listen to your mind and body when you feel tired or need a break. You owe it to yourself. Go for a walk away from your study zone.

If you feel tired, do not feel guilty about taking a nap to recharge or sleep earlier than usual. Research has actually shown that having a power nap improves productivity & alertness.

Need a breather, listen to some music. Feeling hungry, have something good to eat and feel relaxed, do not starve yourself! Stay hydrated, drink some water. Feeling worn out, having a soothing bath.

By doing this you are giving yourself the chance and opportunity to come back with a fresh state of mind, releasing all levels of fears, stress, anxiety – looking after yourself physically and mentally to be organised.

Tip 5: Believe in yourself!

Believe in yourself knowing that you are capable of succeeding and achieving the best out of your exams. Speak positive affirmations to yourself, speak things into existence and stay confident in you.

All the best success and wishes to everyone sitting their exam, go and ace that paper!

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