1. Commute :

If you can try riding a bike to your destination instead of the bus. It is much quicker than walking and is a good way of exercising on the go. Riding a bike does not create any emissions that are hurtful to the environment like taking a bus or driving a car. You can incorporate bus riding for when you are making shorter journeys and it will not just benefit the planet but also it will benefit you and your health.

2. Use Electronics Less:

When using the washing machine opt for cold water when washing colours and warm water when washing whites. This will save energy, water and time for washing your clothes and they will still be clean.

For smaller washes, use the eco mode on your machine if you have one or set it for a shorter time so it does not use energy unnecessarily. Also instead of using the dryer, use the washing line in the summer as it is a green way of drying your clothes. Line drying your clothes will make your clothes last longer too. 

3. Watch The Food You Buy:

What you eat has a big impact on the environment. The dairy and meat industry are culprits for harming the environment.

Cows especially contribute to global warming because the gas they release is a greenhouse gas called methane. They produce gas so much that if cows were their own nation then they would be the third largest greenhouse emitters.

Decreasing the demand for beef and dairy items can decrease the supply. Therefore adopting a vegan/vegetarian diet or overall reducing your meat and dairy consumption can really have a big effect on reducing the impacts of climate change.

4. Waste:

Try only buy what you next for the week when you do your weekly food shop. Firstly you will save money by not overspending and it will reduce how much you waste. When food is dumped into landfill sites and rots this produces methane too.

5. Shop more local

If possible, try to buy things that are local to reduce your carbon footprint. Buying things that you know are from aboard means that your order has to travel many miles to arrive at your doorstep. Transporting your item on the way will be polluting the air, therefore, buying your items from a local place can reduce emissions.

6. Flights

If you are planning to visit Europe take a train instead of a flight. Doing this will massively reduce pollution as aeroplane use enormous amounts of petrol to transport people from one country to another. Taking the train will be more adventurous and you will be able to experience more places this way and see the passing areas through your train window. 

7. Awareness:

Awareness- lastly you can spread awareness and educate people on the impacts and solutions of climate change. The small actions you can do can have a massive impact on the environment. We can only change ourselves therefore change has to start with you.

Yasmin Mills

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Yasmin Mills
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