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“It’s cool, it’s dope”  is how a young 15 year old girl described why she decided to pursue poetry. Jessica Chukwu, also known as Jessica The Poet, is a YouTuber and Poet based in Islington, North London.

At just the age of 15, this talented poet has begun captivating the ears of many, with her soulful poems about topics relating to the youth of today as well as inspiring her generation through her YouTube videos. 

How it started:

Jessica’s journey began at the age of 14, where she was faced with a spoken word video, which had then triggered her exploration on poetry. It was during this time, where she realised that such a craft also helped boost her confidence and ability to be independent. 

She also appreciates the fact that poetry creates an ‘avenue for you to explore different industries’, which has enabled her to speak on a whole range of topics such as confidence and fashion. 

As for her YouTube channel, Jessica uses it as a medium to present her spoken word. She articulates different perspectives on various social issues, such as mental health and knife crime.

As a young Poet, Jessica has faced many challenges – including both doubt and lack of confidence. However, these obstacles have led her to become a great writer today, providing authenticity in her pieces. 

As a young influencer, she wants her generation to acknowledge the beauty in being unique, alongside being expressive with one’s thoughts. Throughout her journey to success, she has learnt to be patient; not to be too hard on herself and not to limit her capabilities. 

The future:  

Having learnt these life lessons, and receiving encouragement from family and friends, Jessica has been able to be a spokesperson for her generation – creating a platform that allows others to speak up and be themselves. With her continuous hard work and perseverance, Jessica’s hard work has not been left unnoticed. 

Since beginning her road to success, she has partnered alongside influencers like Mr 200m, she also worked with the London Metropolitan University and has even worked with organisations like Christlike Creatives, Upward Bounds and Purpose Leaders.

Jessica has also appeared in youth magazines, such as OFNC, which features her poetry for others her age to read. With her ongoing commitment to projects within London and expanding her network to build a greater platform for herself, it’s fair to say that this young poet has a bright future ahead of her. 

You can follow Jessica’s journey on:

Instagram: Jessicathepoet_

YouTube Channel: Jessica The Poet

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Zayanne Bako
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