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Have you ever heard the common saying “Your network is your net worth?” – Well, quite frankly, it is. 

We live in a time where people think they can go solo and be independent. Having said this – the human race has proved, time and time again, that we are an interdependent species. People need people. 

How do I network?

Adopt the mind of a child, A child yearns for knowledge and always asks questions to better themselves. It is all in your mind, wanting knowledge. This is why communicating with others is necessary, every individual has experienced something which may benefit you, one way or another. 

A way to network effectively is to attend networking events. Networking opportunities come up all the time after the event.

1. Introduction – state your name and be bold

This will allow the person you’re interacting with to feel more welcomed into the pending conversation. This will also show your professionalism – intriguing potential partnerships. Being bold will inform those around you, that you are a serious figure.  

2. Current occupation (Education? or working on a career?)

keeping a conversation going is very important. Never be afraid of asking questions – remember that networking is all about getting to know someone. Learning about their occupation can give you an insight into their current careers.

3. Which opportunities do you seek? 

Having the opportunity to learn about one-another, opportunities open for individuals from different industries to be able to collaborate together in future projects. Networking is a powerful tool due to perks like social media, which in a sense, is already a portfolio of who you are. 

Note, always come in with a smile, even if you are shy. People are always willing to listen to what you have to say. 

People are always looking for like-minded individuals to work with for a new project.

Remember, it’s not only events where you have the ability to network. Anywhere and everywhere!

Networking can be hard 

However, it may not always be easy to communicate with others – this is due to the fact that some people may be introverted or have a harder time attempting to communicate with others. 

Regardless, having a positive vibe and approaching someone politely will show them you are easily approachable.

For example, I always greet people with a compliment. Don’t feel pressured to make one up. Be natural and just talk to people. People listen, big yourself up and be passionate about who you are and what you do. 

In a recent interview, Worth Of Mouth Founder, Samuel Okusaga, claimed that one of his tips was to ‘Build good relationships with people’. This clearly shows that a young entrepreneur, like Samuel, believes it is a valuable trait to communnitte and network with others to help structure a powerful bond with others.   

As a whole, remember, people will always listen to you if you are a kind soul. It is important to be yourself and be social with those around you. It may be scary at first but don’t worry. Let’s get networky!

Rachael Tinde

Writer at Worth of Mouth
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Rachael Tinde
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