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Stress has become quite common for the youth. I too – at times, have felt where stress is rapidly approaching and there are times where work can become overwhelming. I have come up with 3 simple ways to attempt to reduce stress and feel more relaxed in the way I handle things.

1. Take breaks

We all want to do a lot of things all the time. We have so much on our plates. We are so committed to so many things but we do not take time for ourselves. I’m not saying go crazy or go stupid. But I am saying have rest breaks.  

Anyone that told you that sleep is for the weak are weak because they do not sleep. Sleep is needed in order for their to be growth and repair in your body so as a result don’t over stress yourself and lost sleep.

2. Plan your days

As a result of us being busy and committing ourselves to a lot. We forget to plan our days and make a timetable of the different things that we need to do. As a result, we get stressed and we start to panic.

With planning and preparation, our panic level decreases – this is due to the fact that we are preparing ourselves before-hand on what we are going to do in the day and therefore not go overboard because of fear of the amount of things we have to do on our to do list.

Schedule your time. When you will eat. When you will sleep. When you do work. When you plan every minute of your day beforehand and you start to fall into the the routine of actually doing the things you set yourself.

3. Have goals

For revision always set yourself short term mid term and long term goals. For example: long term goals are completing your exams and ascending to the next level. I have a long term goal to reach New York, This means saving up money to reach my goal. 

Short term goals are daily goals you set yourself. Also reward yourself when you have done those goals because you are human and you need to have a balance.  YOU ARE NOT A ROBOT

Give yourself double the time you think you would to complete the task. Always take regularly breaks and try to surround yourself with people in a similar situation with you. For example if you are a student. Try and surround yourself with other students in order to get the moral support and help that you need.

Always remember stress is a natural hormone in your body but it is how you respond to it and give yourself the care you need to have a good wellbeing and mental health.

Rachael Tinde

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