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JY MNTL (pronounced Jay Montel) are a music duo from South East London that are predicted to blow up the music industry in 2020 because of their vibrant musical sound and their unique vocal range.

The journey to success

What’s different about this duo is that they are cousins and are very close. Whilst growing up together, they realised their musical potential early on – when harmonising in school or church choirs to singing along to artists such as Ne-yo in their bedroom.

They combined to become a duo in 2017, and ever since then, they have been working hard to perfect their craft – having appeared in LinkUp.tv and creating their own Youtube channel to release their own content.

They started off by doing covers in the front seats of their car of mash ups including popular tracks such as ‘Bally’ by Swarmz, ‘Options ‘by NSG and ‘Arms Around You’ by XXXtentacion, providing their own twist to all these songs.

They say they are different to other duos because they are diverse with their music and do not just stick to just one sound. Jay said ‘it’s a bonus that we can both sing well but we also can switch it up by incorporating melodic rap to our tracks too’.

During the interview, they teased that in 2020 we should hear some new beats from them including a Spanish influenced record after being praised for their cover of ‘MIA’ by Drake, showing their versatility and uniqueness to the music scene.

Other than covers, they have released their own music that they describe as original, fresh and authentic including tracks such as ‘Get to the Bag‘, ‘Party’s Over’ and ‘Roll’, all of them being feel good songs that will make you want to sing along to the beat. Their latest single ‘St Tropez’ is a lively song with a music video that features them and has amazing visuals!

The future is looking Sweeeet!

They have achieved over 500,000 streams on platforms such as Spotify and have featured as a cameo in Rapman’s short film ‘Shiro’s story part 3’ on Youtube. They are gradually becoming more known and have worked with producers that have also worked alongside artists such as Major Lazer, Deno and Mr Eazi. If you have not heard about JY MNTL yet, you are bound to hear much more about this duo soon!

They have big dreams to collaborate with other UK artists such as Burna Boy, Stormzy, Octavian and Ella Mai and believe you should aim so high that people believe that your dreams are impossible because anything can happen with perseverance, dedication and positivity.

They want their music to reach more people and, after performing at the Strawberries and Creem festival, they want to continue performing at other festivals because they are able to connect with their fans and it gives them a buzz to make even more content and music.

‘Be yourself’, Advice from Montel

Montel shared some great advice for any upcoming artists, claiming that ‘consistency is key and remember to always be yourself because there are a lot of carbon copies out there. Success does not come overnight so be patient and stay positive, timing is everything’.

These two cousins are destined for success due to their infectious energy, positive attitude and high work ethic. Keep your eyes peeled for this duo in the new year and you can be the one to tell your friends that you heard them first or ‘I put you on‘.

Stay up to date with JY MNTL by following their socials!

Instagram: @jy_mntl

Youtube: JY MNTL

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