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Samuel Fashakin is a videographer and photographer from Watford whose passion for photography blossomed into a well-established company that has worked with many brands and continues to grow!

Ready, Camera and Action

After getting his first professional camera, Fash was absolutely unstoppable as he started filming Church sermons, birthday parties and ultimately himself too.

The entrepreneur himself states that being creative has always been one of his greatest passions and therefore made a youtube channel, at 12 years-old, with his friends. They started off by creating small skits which then sprung into the media production company ‘Fash Productions’. 

However, Fash still did not know his hobby could allow him to collect his pay checks. It was only until a peculiar birthday party, where Fash was asked how much he charged to film the party. This was a turning point for Fash and would start his future ventures whilst also collecting income from his passion.

We asked the question, What makes you stand out from other videographers?

‘My style is my style’, Fash says he focuses on the uniqueness of his brand and concentrates on his own lane to avoid being distracted by others. This mentality has taken him through some of his greatest obstacles. one of such being multi-tasking.

‘When you are a great videographer, sometimes there are too many photoshoots to keep track of, you can not be in two places at once’. To overcome most of these obstacles Fash says to ‘push through working’, great advice for budding creatives. 

2019 was a busy year for Samuel – while being in his second year at university, filming 88 shoots and additional 26 weddings. He has also had a lot involvement in content creation – whether it is a YouTube show, events or even promo videos!

Not to mention the fact that Fash went to Dallas, Texas earlier this year to shoot a series. This is his first – of many – international shoots. This year has not scared Fash, he loves working in his industry and has a positive mindset, where he does not plan for failure.

Now, Fash manages a team that can take photoshoots when he is unable to be there and that does a great job. Even though sometimes pursuing your passions can be difficult.

Future prospects

But Fash does not rest on his oars,  he still sets himself focused goals for the future which are to make blockbuster films, make even more content for companies and wants to become a major director. But you see – Fash is not that far off… At the moment, Fash is working on a short film which will be out soon or 2021. He will be releasing a youtube series later this month. 

To follow in this 20-year-old entrepreneur’s footsteps, he recommends getting as much experience as possible, building a portfolio, free photoshoots and also getting a mentor. He stresses the importance of customer service, he claims ‘it does not matter if you are a small company…the biggest company is not the most worthy’.

he adds ‘Be reliable. This is one of the most important qualities for being successful as many creatives only focus on the creative aspects of the job and ignore the business aspect’. If he could start his journey all over again, he mentions ‘maybe try a little harder’. His work ethic really comes from his heart as he strives for excellence within every opportunity which crosses his path.

He states ‘you don’t have to go stop at 9-5 (job), after 9-5 what are you doing after, 6-11(pm)’. Fash had a daily cycle: go to sixth form, go to work, work on the business, edit and the cycle starts again.

In the next five years, Fash expects to not be holding the camera – but to be directing the photoshoots with a bigger team. He wants to be producing more tv shows, more movies, and be known as a strong media production company.

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