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Tobi King Bakare is a successful, rising star in the film industry. Acting with Netflix, Sky, HBO and the BBC, he’s on your screens and here to stay!

The first thing to know about Tobi, despite his success as an actor, is that he is extremely humble. A tad shy and bashful to discuss himself, he spends a great amount of time praising his co-workers, fellow aspiring actors and acting companies. His current success is a valid testament to his hard work and commitment throughout these past few years.

When did you discover your love of acting? 

When he speaks of acting and his roles, he absolutely lights up. Previously wanting to be a barrister, his love of acting was sparked when he visited the theatre for the first time with his drama class: the lighting, staging and cast “blew (his) mind” and he immediately started to take acting seriously.

With confidence that he could be successful – he took drama classes at school, went to Saturday drama schools, worked with RAaW, OPENDOOR and the National Youth Theatre and took every opportunity to act in fringe-theatres, small shorts and showcases such as this one where he appears in Opera Holland Park.

For those wanting to act, he recommends going to drama classes, workshops, local theatres and applying to drama school. “Do as much as you can” he repeats. “Remember that you’re always going to get better, don’t be scared to grow.” 

What are the practicals of acting? 

He spends most of his time acting and preparing for roles, always determined to make the most of the opportunity and chances he has before him. The idea of being a “success” or “mentor” is pressuring, but he takes it in his stride and always wants to help other aspiring actors.

Tobi admits that acting “can be really lonely”, which is a surprising thought. Despite that, his first experience on Temple was a great one as his co-workers and directors helped make him comfortable. Giggling, he also confessed that when preparing for a role and doing deep meditation, he accidentally farted. 

Do you see yourself in Hollywood?

Tobi responds, “If the chance arose, yes, take me please!” Though Hollywood has always been a dream, he does assure audiences that “Britain is starting to tell our stories better” and the increase in diverse films of great quality is something that is amazing to see. But black Wolverine and Captain America exists, and he has “been training” for it – so fingers crossed. 

Embarrassing moments aside, Tobi is extremely appreciative of all the roles he has taken. His hope for the future is bright – due to his intensive interest in writing, directing and producing, maybe he could begin working behind the camera in the near future too.

What does the future hold in store for you?

He is currently writing a script and finds the process of writing therapeutic, affecting his vision and range as an actor. His biggest accomplishment to date, he says, is when he found out he was accepted into drama school. “I smiled for two weeks” he reveals.

It is extremely admirable to see how happy he is, as the hard work and dedication he put in has provided fruitful. Coming soon, he has a Netflix show in June, a HBO and BBC show coming out around the same time – and of course, Temple has been renewed for a second season! 

He is truly grateful for everything he has, optimistic of the future, and proof that a goal is always attainable with motivation and devotion. As someone who has had the privilege to know Tobi over the years, I can say with the utmost confidence that he will be a success, but still remain humble, nonetheless. 

To keep up to date with all of Tobi’s accomplishments, Follow his Instagram @tobikingbakare

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