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From a secondary school concept, to a rising fashion brand, 20 year old Rae Simpson is on his way to taking over the fashion industry. “Khaos Garmz” is storming through the game with his unique fashion brand. His interest in art is projected through his designs and his love for fashion can be seen through his versatile apparel. I got a chance to get an insight into how Rae worked from the ground up in order to get his brand to the amazing place it is at today.

‘ Everyone is doing the same thing, I wanted to claim something as my own’

Rae, CEO of Khaos Garmz

The Start Up

The origins of the brand go back to secondary school. As a child, Rae loved art and would often show his form tutor, who was an artist, his designs to check out. These designs since then had been developed into a potential business idea, which has been manifested as shown.

The initial work on the brand was set to take place in his first year of university alongside his friend, however this was not pursued in the end. In turn, he began the developments of Khaos Garmz by himself, which did prove to bring difficulties during the process.

‘ Caring about what other people think will only set you back from what you want to pursue’


I asked him about his struggles on creating the brand and he said ‘ The biggest struggle was not having enough money to do all the things that I wanted to do‘. However, this didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream and through hard work, he was off to launching Khaos Garmz and collaborating with his friends.

KHAOSGARMZ X OBAD collaboration padded jacket

What are the next steps?

‘ I want to get my stuff into the shops’

Rae hopes to continue to make an impact through his clothing. Whilst interviewing him, he mentioned the great support he’s received from his area, North West London. He also expressed his gratitude for their support in being an influence in the process of starting up. His next focus is on having pop up shops and featuring in high end retail shops and I have no doubt that he’ll make this come true!

‘ Think it through.

Don’t ask people for anything.

Be humble.

Just do it’.

– Rae and his advice to upcoming creatives

Follow the movement:

Instagram: @khaosgarmz

Website: www.khaosgarmz.com

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