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Abadesi is the founder of ‘HustleCrew’ – a company that aims to help close the racial workplace gap in the UK by giving advice through their many resources such as podcasts, workshops, training and books.

Started from the bottom…

The first thing you should know about Abadesi is the deterministic nature that has been a constant driving factor throughout her life. She truly is the definition of not holding back and she holds an important message about giving into your natural talents.

However, from a young age, Abadesi did try to push down her entrepreneurial instincts after being scared of what could be. She comments on thinking about waiting until she was ‘ready’ but at the end of the day, she says she is still not ready. She’s still learning, which is the best mindset – many greats state that a growth-way of thinking, only comes from learning; this is crucial in the overwhelming world of technology. 

…Now we here! – Introducing HustleCrew

Many are still ignorant of discrimination in the workplace and Abadesi has had a revolutionary idea that she thinks may be able to help solve this issue. HustleCrew.

She states that after working with many of her high- achieving counterparts, with the same grades (even lower sometimes), at similar companies – they were earning 2- 3 times more than Abadesi. Even though she had negotiated every salary offered, every pay rise opportunity asked for – every day working her ‘ass off’. She still did not find herself on an even playing field. This gobsmacking experience left her wondering – ‘Where did I go wrong?

She had the realisation that there must be more to the world of business that meets the eye. This was when the HustleCrew was born. Now, Abadesi offers these several career hacks, informal mentors and insight into room discussions that we may not have been granted access to otherwise. The people.

Abadesi has ultimately created a space where young people of colour can thrive. The goal of the HustleCrew is to do more for underrepresented groups in the UK. Her philosophy is diverse teams are more qualified to excel in all kinds of roles.

To our dismay, there is a gap. A gap that leaves out women, people of colour and all those at a disadvantage – Meaning that businesses are missing out on these well-educated individuals, a shame. Having said this, the HustleCrew have found a solution to break this clear glass ceiling – through connecting employers with these talented individuals.

The data is undeniable: diverse teams are more successful” – Abadesi

Even though Abadesi is an incredible success with being the head of Maker Outreach, co-host of #Techish podcast, author of ‘Dream Big, Hustle Hard’. In the past, her parents wanted her to take a more traditional route such as being an economist or lawyer. However, HustleCrew is an organisation that stands out from the rest as it allows its workers to branch out into side hustles, creating streams of income on their own.

Abadesi speaks about her team as they truly are working towards one goal. As she praises them on their achievements.

They manage CRM. They manage finance and operations. They are outstanding” – Abadesi

Contrary to popular belief, successes do have their obstacles. She says she struggles with juggling all the workloads as restoring the inequalities in technology can be assumed to be hard work; But with the unwavering support from select individuals, Abadesi pushes on – they fuel her. Their network became her first client. Those clients referred more. 

Trophies and Tribulations

Abadesi believes her greatest achievement is running the start-up, FSN, Future Start-Up Now in collaboration with Createjobs and the Mayor of London. Its aims are to run workshops for people aged 18-25 about management roles in a vast amount of industries, for instance, Depop and Backstage Capital.

A valuable lesson she has learnt as a woman of colour in the work field is experience is everything, leveraging it, experimenting with it. Another lesson learnt is to negotiate. Negotiation does not always mean money, it can mean anything you value as an individual because this all closes the inequality gap.

The sooner you start the quicker you learn. Sounds obvious, right? And yet how many of you are reading this article with an idea still sitting in your mind that you haven’t shared with the world or tested’. – Abadesi

Abadesi rounds off this interview by boldly stating that she’s still not ready. But she’s in the game. She’s learning. In the future, even with her mental growth – she aims to work with thousands of additional people, help them earn more and create thousands more leaders who want to create inclusive cultures.

Be sure to keep up with Abadesi and all her projects, including her #Techish podcast .

If Hustlecrew sounds interesting to you, browse their website here.

Also, be sure to follow Hustlecrew on Insagram @Hustlecrewlive

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