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The Corona Virus outbreak has taken a massive toll on the UK economy. According to Mckinsey and Company, around 7.6 million jobs are at risk due to COVID – 19 related lockdowns. It is also expected that unemployment may reach 10% by September and the number of people furloughed to reach 11 million. These are troubling statistics, with millions of jobs on the line and people unsure on whether or not they’re going to receive a pay check during this period. This pandemic has caused employment trends to shift, meaning that a shift in skill set is required post COVID – 19.

Now more than ever, you need to be able to distinguish your skill set far beyond your academic capacity and start to pick up essential job skills needed currently and post COVID – 19. Here are some key hard skills and soft skills that’ll be essential after lockdown:

1. Adaptability

Adaptability is key in such a time like this where everything is changing around us. Businesses have gone from being based in an office – to now being online.

Employers are looking for people who can adapt to these changes. The more you’re able to display your flexibility to your employer, the more relevant you’ll become.

2. Tech Skills

Whether it be artificial intelligence or programming, the tech industry is booming, as it continues to help workforces that are now remote due to the corona outbreak. Many tech companies have opened up new job opportunities amid this pandemic; now is a perfect time to pick up a tech skill, as it will certainly be needed in a post COVID – 19 world.

3. Creativity

With creativity comes creative thinking and creative problem solving. One lesson that the Corona Virus has taught us all is that – there is more than one way to deal with global issues.

Cultivating your creativity during this pandemic is essential, as businesses will be looking for people who can be innovative in problem solving and in their thinking.

4. Digital skills

From social media to social selling, digital skills are certainly skills which businesses will be looking out for during post COVID – 19. Acquiring such skills will not only provide new ways of working, but now more than ever, businesses have come to realise the importance of having an online presence

Being active online is one of the main ways of gaining revenue during such a difficult time. By picking up some digital skills, employers will definitely be wanting you to work alongside them.

5. Commercial awareness

This is a vital skill required for the future. Being able to understand what’s going on around you and how current affairs may have an impact on businesses in the future, is a skill that would be considered a necessity to future employers. Especially in the times that we’re in, being someone who can analyse current trends and provide companies with how these trends can impact their company is what the workforce is looking for – people who not only highlight current affairs, but provide solutions and ideas on how companies can move forward.

Now that you have an idea of what employers will be looking for in future employees, it’s now the time to work on these essential skills, as they will be the key to you securing a job during and after this difficult period. Remember to stay safe during these hard times everyone and keep ya head up because better days are coming – stay positive! and hopefully these skills help you in the future.

Zayanne Bako

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Zayanne Bako
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