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Do Good Africa is a Nigerian based Nonprofit organisation conceived with the goal of fighting against negative stereotypes and accelerating the pace of sustainable development across Africa.

Founded by three young Nigerian professionals: Stanley Ogbuchi (25), Peter Oke (26) and Sadiq Edu (30)

The organisation aims to bring about development by providing funding and technical support for projects across the continent.

Do Good Africa

Do Good Africa identifies projects to assist and fund by following the sustainability goals set out by the United Nations,  these goals outline the criteria for what makes a nation ‘developed’ these are: access to healthcare, education, no hunger, sanitation, gender equality and strong institutions.

In many African nations the economic resources to fund change is sadly kept in the hands of the most rich and does not land in the hands of those who need it most.

The young professionals at  Do-good-Africa believe as citizens of the continent it is their duty, as much as it is their government’s, to stand up and work together to change their nations for the better.

The team through their network of industry professionals work with local projects to meet three key criterias :

  1. Economic impact: They ensure projects have an  economic impact on the local community by for example creating jobs.
  2. Sustainability: It is key that these projects can be maintained locally and still exist in 5 or 6 years.
  3. Scalability: The projects should be scalable and should be able to be replicated in similar communities both in the wider area and across the continent.

Empower Makoko Fishing community

Do-Good-Africa implemented it’s first project in December of 2019 tagged #EmpowerMakokoFishingCommunity. Makoko is a slum located in Lagos, Nigeria known as the “Venice of Africa” it is a floating neighbourhood home to over 500,000 inhabitants.

Unsurprisingly, fishing is the main occupational activity of locals to Makoko, but a lack of adequate fishing tools has meant the true economic potential of the waters has not yet been tapped.

Do-good-Africa, through months of discussion with the community, decided to equip skilled fishermen in the community with adequate assets and tools to provide a sustainable means of livelihood for their households. This began the birth of #EmpowerMakokoFishingCommunity, Do-Good-Africa were able to build and brand a number of fishing boats within Makoko which were then given to ten capable youths chosen by local community and religious leaders.

The chosen beneficiaries were present with boats and other fishing equipment at the commissioning of the project which was well attended by community leaders, stakeholders and members of the DoGood. Africa community. The project was successful in creating over 30 direct jobs in fishing and over 60 indirect jobs in selling fish, building of boats etc. 

Speaking at the event, Co – founder Stanley Ogbuchi said  –

“DoGood.Africa was set up by like-minded youths who want to use the skills and resources available to them to improve the standards of living in undeserved communities, one project at a time”.

Meet a Co-founder – Peter Oke:

I was able to interview one of the Co – Founders 26 year old Peter Oke.  

Peter is an Investment Banker and university of Lagos graduate with over 4 years experience in finance, consulting and investment advisory.

Philanthropy is close to his heart, and alongside his work with Do-Good Africa Peter has worked with several non-profit organisations such as Africa Initiative for Governance and Private Sector Health Alliance for Nigeria, amongst others.

Peter was lucky to grow up sheltered from many of the harsh realities of Nigerian life and as such feels it’s his duty to use his privilege to give back and help his fellow citizens.He is a strong believer that “If you don’t start focusing on working to get people out of poverty, you are fostering a scenario where there will be an uprising.

“We need greater role models for those from undeserved communities and I hope to be able to fill that role” – Peter Oke

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