About Us

What is “Worth Of Mouth”?

Worth of Mouth is a media platform which creates and shares positive content around under-represented young people within the UK and helps businesses better connect, engage & market to diverse Gen-Z Consumers (services website).

Our goal is to change narratives & become a positive hub for young people , where they feel confident to take an alternative path & start building their dreams no matter their circumstances.

The Content We Provide:

Our main content is focused on the documentation of young achievers and successes. Here we analyse their story, and pinpoint the specific habits they acquired, in order to show others age is not a hindrance to your success.

On our online blog,  we also provide interesting blogs and articles (written by us and also guest bloggers) on current controversial issues facing today’s youth.

We are progressively branching out into different sectors, making us a well-rounded platform, catering to readers and non-readers. Worth Of Mouth now has:

  • Video content on YouTube
  • Daily positive content via our social media
  • Public Seminars and Conferences
  • Talks and Presentations at schools and events – via bookings (email us : info@worthomouth.co.uk )

Our Achievements:

How We Got Our Name:

Our aim was to divert society’s attention from the vast negativity that is conveyed on the news and media. Day in. Day out. There are young people out there doing extraordinary things, and they need more spotlight!

So we thought… How do you change someone’s perception? You change their mindset. How do you change someone’s mindset? You use your mouth, and convince. Then ‘Worth Of Mouth’ was born, because what we say to the younger generation is important. We take it on-board, every single time it’s repeated into our ears, penetrating our minds. So why not use that effect in a positive manner?

We show you how some young people your age are doing extraordinary things. Inspire our audience. Feed a hunger for success. Everyone wins.

Email Usinfo@worthofmouth.co.uk


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